Have you considered a used stairmaster or home stair climber for your home gym ?


A Stairmaster is a great fitness machine to use at home to give you a great workout where you burn calories and tone your lower body at the same time.

One of the main advantages of a home stair climber like this one versus other aerobic exercise equipment such as treadmills is the lesser impact on your knees.

The stepping motion simulates climbing real stairs for a great aerobic workout and it also strengthens your bones due to body weight resistance. 

Stairmaster 4000 PT (Used)

When you are starting out on a stair climbing exercise program exercise on a lower intensity. 

As it gets easier increase your workout times and pick up the pace. 

Advanced users should try 20-30 minutes of interval training on a stair stepper. 

As with all exercise equipment consult your physician before starting a stair climbing program.

The simplest piece of stair climbing equipment would have two front plates. You get the stair climbing motion by alternately pressing each foot on the plates. 

Most steppers have handrails but these should be used to balance yourself, rather than resting your weight. 

You can control the intensity of your workout on a stair stepper by speeding up or slowing down the climbing rate.

There are many different kinds of stair climbing machines that you can get. 

Before you go shopping online or in a fitness store you should briefly list out what you are looking for. 

Items on this list could be ‘less noise’, ‘compact’, ‘heart rate reading’ and so on. 

This will help you find your ‘ideal’ machine a lot faster.


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