Hatch Reactor Hard Knuckle Gloves


Hatch Reactor Hard Knuckle Gloves are a popular choice for law enforcement officers or other ‘operators’ who need hand protection coupled with a sure grip.

The main feature of Hatch Reactors is the hard knuckles.

Other skin points (like the finger joints) are reinforced with foam padding, then covered with leather. The vulnerable bone on the outside of your wrist is protected by a tapered layer of padding.

Hard knuckles are important if there’s a chance you’ll find yourself in any hand to hand combat where you run the risk of being thrown around with your arms and hands flopping about in an uncontrolled manner.

Good Shooting Gloves

Hatch Reactors are designed with shooting in mind.

The leather-covered palms are padded so recoils are tolerable. And the trigger finger has an extra ring of reinforcing material so you can cut off the fingertip if you wish.

Important Features

As with most hard knuckle tactical gloves, Reactors offer a good blend of protection and functionality:

  • Velcro closure at the wrist
  • Comes in full finger, 3/4 finger, or half-finger styles
  • Goatskin leather palms and fingers so you lose as little manual dexterity as possible
  • Treated with a water-resistant leather conditioner so they last longer
  • Kevlar doesn’t make your hands perspire so you will be comfortable even in the heat of the summer
  • The combination of Kevlar/Nomex/Leather offers some protection against fire
  • The hard knuckles are covered with leather so you stay quiet when you don’t want to make noise

Difference Between Hatch Reactor And Hatch Operator Hard Knuckle Gloves

Hatch Reactors are less expensive than Hatch Operator gloves.

Although the designs are superficially similar, the Hatch Operator Hard Knuckle Gloves feature a lot more Kevlar and offer fire resistance too.

In short, Hatch Operators probably aren’t as suitable for daily use as Hatch Reactor Hard Knuckle Gloves.


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