Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table tables are unique and they incorporate a locking system. This will prevent accidental opening or closing of the table because when the table is folded up the play surfaces lock into position. This means they cannot fall and injure someone and little fingers will not get caught in the seam between surfaces. Quality ping pong tables come with a net system. Better tables incorporate an integrated post system attached to the frame of the table so the net is always deployed whether folded or not so you are ready to play at a moment’s notice. Check that there is a means of adjusting the net so you can keep it tight. It has premium quality and durable product with essential utility and partner of your favorite sports.

Grab this sports accessory which helps in maintaining your good physique and good health. This important sports utility plays a vital role in every sportspersons life with encouraged feelings. Moreover it’s perfect for both outdoor and indoor games. there are many different ping pong tables out there, and quality does vary quite considerably this can lead to some confusion and, especially for those buying a table for the first time, it can often be quite difficult to know if the table you have chosen really represents good value for money. Here at we sell one of the broadest ranges of ping pong tables and we understand the differences between the various manufacturers and models very well. Not being tied to any one particular range, we can therefore expert advice with a level of impartiality that we are sure you will find reassuring. Our sales team is always on hand to advise, help and support customers who have bought, or are interested in buying one. The quality of the playing surface is important as it defines the quality of play. The main indicator of quality is the thickness of the table top. An acceptable thickness for an indoor table starts at 16mm, but a 19mm thickness is much better for home use.

A 22mm top on an indoor table provides a very firm and satisfying bounce, but is by no means absolutely necessary for a very good game at home. If you are buying an outdoor ping pong table, then thickness is not always the only indicator. For a given thickness, treated wooden surfaces on outdoor tables are similar in terms of play to indoor tables. An outdoor table with a 19mm top is perfectly good for home use. For a bonded resin and melamine tables, however, thicknesses are generally less. A 5mm melamine top provides very good play. Very thin melamine tops are not very satisfactory as the bounce tends to be too hollow and they don’t often manage to keep their flat shape for very long. Good melamine tops might last longer than treated wooden tops. We offers a 10 year guarantee on their bonded resin tops as opposed to 5 years maximum guarantee on weatherproof wooden tops.

Ping Pong Table Dimensions60” W x 108” L x 30” H / Weight: 360 lbs
Features6 Solid Maple Tapered Legs with Levelers and Aprons
ProducedMade in the USA
IncludeRetractable Net, 4 Paddles, and 6 Balls
Manufacturer’s Warranty1-Year


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