Harvey Water Softeners; the Trendsetters..!


‘Water is a wonder liquid’; something known to everyone; it is the universal Life-giving liquid. Apart from regulating body fluid levels, it also is the source of many important minerals, which come dissolved in it. Now when we talk of minerals in water it can be a wide array of ions from sodium to calcium and magnesium. Although calcium and magnesium in the water have proven dietary benefits, their high concentrations may prove detrimental to health and incur loses to industrial setting. This water brimming with Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions is termed as hard water.

And to deal with this one need to reduce the concentration of these two ions; termed as softening. And who would understand it better than a company that has been into this for long years. Harvey water softeners began around 35 years back with the sheer vision of Mr. Harvey Bowden. The basic use of water softener is that it prevents build-up of lime scale and in turn saves the plumbing from corrosion. And it is not only that the plumbing systems that concern us. Hardness of water also reduces the effect of soap as such is another reason to soften water

Harvey has been burning oil for over years now coming up with new and innovative ways to treat hard water from time to time. Also, its major impact has been to reduce or compact the size of the treatment unit. From conventional softener as big as a doorway, Harvey has brought it down to sizes wherein the salt cylinders could easily fit under the sink. Not only this, but another unique thing about Harvey is that it has come up with designs that are specific to the clients; it has single user compact softeners as well as huge ones for large users.

But ones you fit the water softeners, do you think your job is over? Refilling the salt cartridges is yet another important task when it comes to maintenance of these softeners. These salt cartridges too have seen a long road of developments. From huge 25Kg bags, Harvey brought it down to 8Kg blocks. These were not only lighter but were much easier to refill the system.

Harvey began his quest to improve the water softeners once he brought home a softener himself 35 years back. They were huge back then and it impressed him and so he wanted to improve upon then. A plumber by profession, Harvey began selling softeners after that and started improving upon the existing models to come up with smaller but better designs. Since its birth, the company has continuously learnt from its customers and as such it is also known for its remarkable customer service. Harvey’s vision of the company sets it above its competitors…


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