Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves


Hard-knuckle tactical gloves are perfect for those times when you don’t want to pull any punches (so to speak). There’s no disguising the power-augmenting knuckle guards.

Who uses hard knuckle tactical gloves?

Hard-knuckle gloves are in common use among law enforcement officers and members of the military. But surprisingly, lots of non-traditional users are beginning to recognize the value of a good pair of these super-protective gloves. Motorcyclists and mountain-bike riders prize them for the superior protection they offer during laydowns or high-speed forest rides. And Airsoft or paintball players know that you can’t be a sniper unless you protect both your face and your hands — the two body parts that need to be exposed to the “enemy” if you want to succeed.

Are they for punching things?

Although hard-knuckle gloves are very common in law enforcement and the military, they’re also quite widespread among motorcyclists. In fact, one of the main reasons these gloves are not restricted to law enforcement (in most states that value personal freedom) is the fact that they’re so highly prized by bikers. Rational people realize that — far from being “legal brass knuckles” like critics have charged — they’re valuable protective equipment that many bikers and sportsmen can ill afford to do without. While it’s true that you can safely punch hard objects while wearing these gloves, this should be looked at as a side-benefit and not the main reason for wearing them. The protective qualities they offer is the main rational behind their use. Some manufacturers and advertisers call them hard knuckle combat gloves, but this sort of name is probably designed to appeal to the immature mind.

Typical knuckle guards are made of impact-resistant ABS plastic or (in more expensive models) light and tough carbon fiber.

Do they fit well, or are they like armor?

It can be tempting to look for half-finger hard-knuckle tactical gloves, or to cut the fingers off regular hard-knuckle gloves. People who prefer this style say that the increased dexterity offered by half-finger styles far outweighs (in value) the protection given by a full glove. But these days, those assumptions may be outdated and just plain wrong. If your full-finger gloves fit properly, there’s no reason why dexterity can’t be almost as good as with the half-finger types. It’s highly recommended that, if you find your gloves don’t fit as well as you’d like, you return them and try another size, or another style or brand. Be sure to purchase from a store or online retailer that offers a no questions asked return policy.

Do hard knuckle tactical gloves last?

If you’re the type who wears your tactical gloves very often, the hard-knuckle types may wear out where the knuckle protectors join the leather (or fabric). Typically, this proves to be the weak point in the manufacture of this style of glove. But since all clothing and protective gear wears eventually, it’s not something to worry about overmuch.

Some of the more expensive models offer removable knuckle guards. These knuckle inserts are usually made of carbon fiber, and they’re fairly easy to slip into place when needed. This increases the comfort and usability of the gloves; after all, having options is never a bad thing.


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