Hard Knuckle Gloves for Motorcycle Riders


If you’re riding a motorcycle, you need hard knuckle gloves. Without them, you’re risking an avoidable injury.

Although everyone is aware of the benefits of helmets, most newer motorcycle riders don’t think about hand protection. …Until it’s too late.

Everything else being equal, most folks elevate comfort over protection every time. And let’s face it, even the best hard knuckle gloves aren’t as comfortable as a regular pair of mechanic’s gloves (or no gloves at all…)

Why Motorcycle Riders Need Hard Knuckle Gloves

The benefits of hard knuckle gloves for riding a motorcycle are twofold:

  • If you split lanes on the highway, you run the risk of cracking your knuckles
  • If you fall, your knuckles take a beating

Splitting Lanes

Who wants to sit in traffic when it’s not necessary. In most places, it’s legal and acceptable to split lanes on your bike. After all, you don’t want your air-cooled bike to overheat in a traffic jam, do you?

But splitting lanes is hard on your hands. If you do it enough, eventually you’ll crack your hands on someone’s side-view mirror.

Then, you’ll understand the reason why experienced motorcyclists prefer hard-knuckle riding gloves.

Laying The Bike Down

Don’t think it can’t happen to you. You’re not special.

If you lay the bike down, your hands have an annoying tendency to get between the bike and the highway. That’s when hard knuckles help protect the most vulnerable part of your hands.

And if (God forbid…) you fall uncontrollably, your arms will whip around as you tumble. There’s no avoiding it: your hands will slap the pavement. This destroys your hands unless you have proper hand protection. At highway speeds, if you fall your hands will never be the same unless you are wearing proper hard-knuckle motorcycle gloves.

Skinned Knuckles

Skinned knuckles are no joke. Anyone who has ridden for a long time knows guys who are basically crippled for life because of ground-down knuckles.

Make sure you’re not one of those poor souls. Put protection first.


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