Hand-cranked Power Generators: Creating Electrical Power from your own Muscle Power


Get cranking! Hand-cranked power generators allows anyone to produce their own electricity to run any kind of appliances they may want to use, just as long as it doesn’t require much more power than what the generator can make.

Hand-cranked generators transform mechanical energy generated by turning the crack into electrical energy. Every turn of the crank generates current in pulses.

This happens when a wire slices through a magnetic field wherein a voltage occurs at the end of the wire. The current happens as magnets pass the coils of wire.

Many students and teachers have utilized hand-cranked power generators as classroom visual aid for the principles of electromagnetic forces. But aside from that, a hand-cranked generator can be important in real life situations.

Some of the appliances that can be powered by a hand-cranked generator are cellular phones, portable radios, 2 way radios and flashlights. You needn’t worry about bringing extra batteries since these generators can charge them for you.

While turning hand-cranked generators can get tedious, this is still a life saving device whenever you are going to a place where electricity and batteries can not be easily sought.

Hand-cranked power generators are very portable and could provide infinite charging to your appliances. They are handy to take along and are important in emergencies. There is no need to ever worry again if your flashlight, phone or radio runs out of juice, just take out your generator and start hand cranking it up.

Hand-cranked Power Generators: Creating Electrical Power from your own Muscle Power
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