Hamilton Beach Blenders Reviews


One of the things that Hamilton Beach blenders are best known for is the way that innovative thinking is integrated into the design. Each one has a number of clever additions that set them apart from other similar appliances.

Their bestselling models must include the famous Hamilton Beach Wave Action Blenders.

One of the things that people notice when they are using a blender is that the ingredients that are at the top of the jar will often stay there while the ingredients at the bottom get mixed repeatedly. The wave action line of blenders from Hamilton Beach is designed to pull the contents of the jar to the bottom so there is even mixing. Some people may find that the jar has a tendency to leak and are not pleased with the addition of a plastic blender jar.

Some Clever Ideas from Hamilton Beach Drink Mixer

A twist on the wave action blenders is the Hamilton Beach Dual Wave Action Blender . This is a unit that includes a pair of a 16 ounce cups that can both be blended simultaneously. Often when a blender is being used to make party drinks, there is more than one kind of drink ordered at a time. This setup allows somebody to mix the 2 cups simultaneously and an 80 ounce jar as also included so that an entire pitcher of drinks can be mixed right after the two smaller cups are finished. The dual wave blenders come with 1000 W motors and are available in black or stainless steel finish is to fit the surrounding decor.

You will find other smart features included on these blenders. One of the additions that work very well is a spigot type dispenser that is built into the jar on some of the blenders. It allows for dispensing of beverages without having to remove the jar from the blender itself.

Single Serve Hamilton Beach blender

Hamilton Beach brings its innovative designs out in a number of different varieties of blender for various purposes. A Single Serve Hamilton Beach blender will make a beverage that can be taken on the go and is small enough to be left on the kitchen counter when it is not being used. This is the perfect option for people that consume daily health shakes. It is also possible to get a mixer – Hamilton Beach blender that has a food processor attachment for versatility and convenience. You can even find Hamilton Beach commercial blenders for more professional use. They are made with sturdy parts, include more powerful motors and four mixing blades to make quick work of any job.

The Cheap Portable Hamilton Beach Hand Blenders

Hamilton Beach hand blender

For smaller jobs, there are smaller units. A Hamilton Beach hand blender will make quick work of a blending job in a glass or other container. Each Hamilton Beach hand mixer comes with two-speed function and they are available in different designs depending on the need. It is possible to get them with useful additional parts like a whisk. The small units have also been well thought out with features like a 5 foot power cord so you can bring the blender to the mixing bowl instead of having to bring a bowl to the power outlet, great for those who are looking to buy a Hamilton Beach food mixer.

What Hamilton Beach Blender Parts Can You Find?

At different times there may be reasons why blender parts might need to be replaced or ordered. When a blender lasts a long time, it is often necessary to replace rubber seals and these are readily available. It’s also possible to get Hamilton Beach blender jars if one is broken or if an additional size is desired for convenience. Luckily, with a three year warranty there won’t be many parts that need to be replaced by the consumer. There are also handy products like the Stay or Go blender cup that can be used to make drinks and then taken on the road.

How Does Hamilton Beach Compares to Other Brands of Blenders?

Despite the very reasonable price point that you’ll find with Hamilton Beach blenders, they have powerful motors. The wave action blenders start at 500 W, so it is possible to get an idea of how much blending power they have. Something that may come in handy is the three year warranty that they offer. Many people find that while there are many functions, if you are mainly after a Hamilton Beach drink mixer, the build quality is not on par with some of its competitors, like Blendtec or Oster in comparison.


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