H2O MOP X5 5 IN 1 GREEN STEAM MOP By Thane Direct


This Green Steam Direct steam cleaner is a 5 in 1 steam cleaner that has different uses. Its versatility and simplicity is what makes this steam cleaner a must-have appliance that is very helpful to your cleaning job.

This steam cleaner can be used as carpet cleaner, window cleaner and garment steamer. To use as a carpet cleaner, you can just attached the carpet glider to the floor head and then steam clean your carpets. It can not actually remove stains on carpets but it can effectively remove dirt on the surface while giving your carpets a clean look and leaving it smelling fresh and clean.

To use on windows, you can use the attached tool to clean window glasses and mirrors. It can perfectly clean all surfaces leaving no streaks or marks but gives your window spotless and shiny without smear.

This steam cleaner can also be used to deodorize upholstery and smooth lines from your clothes. The power of the steam makes it possible to remove creases from your clothes. It is also ideal for cleaning every part of your home. It can remove burnt food from your oven or dried food spills from kitchen tops and hobs



This steam cleaner doesn’t require a cleaning solution or chemicals for cleaning. It uses tap water and the power of the steam alone can effectively remove stubborn dirt and grime from all surfaces.

This way it can help develop a healthy environment while making your home hygienically clean by eliminating harmful bacteria and germs.


The Green steam cleaner is simple, light and easy to maneuver. You can access every part of your home without so much effort. With its 6 meter cord you can reach for farther areas such as under beds and tables.

The clever head is designed to fit into corners and tight spaces such as gaps and crevices and behind furniture thus giving you an easier access to these awkward places. This makes your cleaning job easier and faster.


This 5 in 1 steam cleaner provides you 4 different steam setting that allows you to select the right amount of steam that is needed for the job at hand. An with the large water capacity, it helps you save time as you won’t need to refill to soon thus giving you more cleaning time


This steam cleaner has 5 different functions that can be used as a floor steamer; it can clean your floor efficiently leaving no grease at all, or it can be used as a carpet steamer to refresh and remove dirt on your carpet and rugs. As a handheld steamer, you can use it to clean all other surfaces including ovens, grills, hobs and kitchen counter tops. You can also use it to clean toilet and sinks or around taps.

You can also use it to clean windows and mirrors leaving them perfectly clean without marks and smear- free, or you can use it to smooth lines and remove creases from your clothes.


  • It can be used on almost all surfaces
  • It works well on windows and glasses
  • Large water capacity
  • Easy to carry around and easy to use
  • Hygienic steam, it doesn’t use detergent
  • Variable steam settings


  • Poorly designed
  • Not heavy duty

This 5 in 1 Green steam mop by Thane Direct has 400 ml water capacity which is good enough for a 30 minute of continuous steaming time. The 4 variable steam settings are very helpful as it gives you the option to select the proper amount of steam you actually need for your cleaning job


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