Gym Gloves


Gym gloves are a great weight lifting and training accessory that improve the quality of any workout.

When you’re lifting weights, and you need that extra level of protection for your hands, you absolutely need gym gloves.  These are specially designed equipment, specifically intended to protect your hands from blisters and calluses that would normally form from heavy lifting.  Although that’s not the only good reason to have gym gloves on hand.  They can also be useful for keeping your hands sweat free, so that you can hold your weights firmly in place without the risk of slipping.  Dropping weights can cause harm to the environment, and serious personal injury, with a good pair of gloves you can avoid this.

The main thing will be choosing the right type, and for that you’ll want to consider a few things.  Gym gloves come in two common formats, either they are made from leather, or a faux leather material.  The right type for you is less about cost, or visual preference, and you should only make the decision based upon what feels the best.  For this reason you will want to try on every single pair before you buy them.  You want to make sure that the gym gloves feature a good snug fit, but don’t restrict any movement.  These are for protection, and to make weightlifting easier, they can’t carry out that job if they are too tight on your hands.

Another thing that you’re going to want to consider is the material type, and whether or not to choose leather or a faux leather material.  Leather is more expensive, but can provide more longevity as leather is usually a tougher material than other types.  This means your gym gloves will last longer, and be more stable for weightlifting.  Leather is also more likely to grip your hands tightly, so that there is less risk of dropping weights and injuring yourself.  This will make them a great choice for most people, and it’s hard to beat all that these gym gloves offer.  However, leather does have a few drawbacks that other options don’t.

For one thing, leather gym gloves will have your hands smelling like leather, and the smell is hard to wash away.  Also, they tend to stain your hands black, because you’ll be sweating right into the material.  Plus as leather gets hot and wet with body sweat, they can become a little more snug then the originally were, making them hard to take off and use sometimes.  For this reason faux leather could be a good option, as they don’t present all the same gym gloves problems.  Plus faux leather is usually much cheaper, making them more affordable.

When you’re looking to buy gym gloves, you can find options practically anywhere that fitness equipment is sold.  That means you can go to a department store, where you should find items in their sporting goods store.  Otherwise you can go to a sporting goods dealer directly, where you’ll be able to find the best selection of gym gloves.  Typically, a good pair will cost in the area of $10 to $15.


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