Gym Bench or Home Gym

Home Gym Bench

With a well-made home gym bench, getting a serious weight workout at home has never been easier.  Purchasing a home gym is an investment which pays for itself within a couple of months by saving you money on a gym membership.  Buy a bench with features to work your entire body, and you save even more by not purchasing additional equipment.

golds gym bench is part of a great line to choose from.  For people just starting to work out, to those with years of experience; gym benches like the GB 1500 are perfect for getting a whole body workout.  This model of golds gym weight bench has everything to accommodate your workout:  the uprights extend to different heights to perform squats or standing military presses; or to allow room to execute incline presses.  The width of the bench is space efficient but strong enough to hold a substantial amount of weight.

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Other features this bench is built with are what any quality workout station should offer:  Work quadriceps and hamstrings directly with the leg curl and extension attachment; build baseball biceps with the preacher curl; adjust the bench back for incline or decline presses.  Purchase a golds bench in the Power Series and the folding bench stays out of the way when it is not in use.

Using a home gym from Golds will help anyone build muscle and burn fat.  With the precision engineering of their equipment, exercises are done in the proper form to prevent injury.

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Quality of manufacturing is also a priority; thickly padded seats are double-stitched and built with durable, long-lasting vinyl.  The Power Series also includes an exercise chart to map your progress and stay on track with your fitness goals.

Any flat quality bench can be used effectively even without the extra attachments or bench press uprights.  In conjunction with dumbbells or lighter barbells, a variety of exercises can be performed.  Exercise chest, shoulder, and triceps with dumbbell bench presses, or use the bench with your body weight for decline push ups.  The choices are endless, and Gold’s quality gives you the confidence to put the equipment through a tough workout.


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