GudCraft CD500 Wind Power Generators For Sale


The CD500 Wind Generator Kit by GudCraft is among the top wind power generators for sale because it is a complete solution for all your household needs. The latest, updated brand new model having incorporated the most sophisticated and advanced technology, the wind power genset has made its presence felt in the market.

Built on an advanced technology, the GudCraft uses wind energy and is thus eco friendly. Wind power is used as the main power source and a starting air flow speed of only 5 miles per hour is suffice to generate instant power(12volts) when connected with a CD 2.5 controller charge.

Designed with a low airflow start up speed, these wind power generators for sale come with a user’s manual that will help to use it smoothly and will also acquaint one with the important parts of the genset. Along with a switch stop and three years warranty, the product is bound to give you complete peace of mind.

Wind turbines come with other important accessories beside the above genset: like screws, blades, bolts and tail. The material of construction (MOC) of the kit is cast aluminum metal having a all-weather proof character and is extremely light in weight (60 pounds only) which definitely makes the set durable and of course easy to handle.

The normal wattage is 500, which can also be stepped up to carry a 40% extra load when needed. Being air flow driven, these GudCraft wind power generators for sale have a running cost that is absolutely nil and most importantly it is eco friendly. This pollution free generator uses the natural resource of wind and being non-exhaustive can be used without any interruption.

The price of the Gen-set is $399 only and has been introduced in 2011. Once started this wind driven turbine will assure you a complete trouble free service over the years and all your electrical gadgets and appliances will be kept protected. Most importantly the CD500 GudCraft Wind Generator Kit comes with all the latest features and is thus a great way to ‘go green’.

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