Guardian Quiet Source Generator 48KW


While the main feature of the Generac Guardian Quiet Source Generator 48 kilowatts is the ability to maintain power in a peaceful setting, this by no means indicates that this generator is anything less than powerful.

For, with a powerful low speed liquid cooled engine which runs at 1800 rpm which uses less fuel yet supplies both engine and alternator with an extended product life, this model is anything less than a quiet power horse.

In addition, a built in self-test mode allows the user to run a weekly self-test to assure the generator is operating correctly and efficiently. This test is a patented feature of this generator and is not available on other manufacturers models. Known as the Quiet-Test mode, it is a feature solely patented to Generac which assists users in keeping these generators running smoothly over time.

As this model features a Standard Aluminum All Weather enclosure, it is a unit that is protected from the elements. As such, these units are not only used, but highly recommended for areas such as coastal locations which host a high content of salt in the air. Therefore, whether one lives at the beach, in the city or the desert, this is one generator that can truly stand the test of time.

With its clever styling, this Guardian quiet source generator fits well into any landscape and is a product that can be used both for home or office. So, regardless of whether one needs to operate the system on an ongoing basis or only in an emergency, there is no need to move the system around to do so as it can fit into any design comfortably yet still function at the same time. However, as this generator is powerful as well as decorative and quiet, priced in the thousands, it is not a generator that is for everyone.

An added feature is the hour meter which allows the user to know when service is needed and keeps a record of such service for proper upkeep. This allows the user to use the generator with the confidence that the system is going to operate correctly whether being used on an ongoing basis or as needed in an emergency. For, only when one keeps up with recommended service can one ensure a machine is going to operate at ultimate capacity.

Unlike many other generators, the user also has a choice with regards to the type of fuel one uses as their primary source. For, with this generator, one can use either LP or natural gas depending on the area and availability of such fuel. Of course today, generators are facing a new horizon when it comes to the greening of the planet so there is no doubt that tomorrow’s generators may grow beyond electric, gasoline and LP to fuel cell technology, additional solar models and other technology not as of yet known. Regardless, having a back up generator is often a good idea, especially if one lives in areas prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes or other related events which can create long lasting power outages.

To this end, if one is looking for a powerful generator that runs quietly and offers a great deal of power at low cost, the Generac Guardian Quiet Source Generator 48kw offers such features. However, this generator is aimed at large rural homes or small businesses and is priced accordingly. Regardless, if one can afford the price, needs a powerful back-up or ongoing generator that is one of the quietest on the market today, then one may want to look at this generator as an option.

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