Guardian Home Back-Up Generators


With the superb ability of restoring power within thirty seconds of an outage, Guardian is considered one of the leading brands in residential generators. With sizes ranging from 6,000 to 40,000 watts, Guardian systems are able to provide an extensive variety of applications with all its models running on either LP or natural gas. It is noteworthy to mention that Guardian also manufactures 12,500- and 15,000-watt gasoline-fueled portable generators, which both come in with GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets, wheel kits, idle control, electric start, and an automatic voltage regulation.

Guardian currently boasts of model lines all designed to answer the variety of residential power needs:

  • 7, 12, and 15 kW air-cooled generators
  • 15 and 20 kW liquid-cooled generators
  • 25 kW Liquid-Cooled Generator
  • 30 kW Liquid-Cooled Generator
  • 40 kW Liquid-Cooled Generator

Among the 7, 12, and 15 kW air-cooled generators are three generator models (Model Nos. 04389, 04456, 04390) manufactured with the powerful and incredibly quiet Generac OHVI single-cylinder or V-Twin engine fueled by natural or LP gas.

Model Nos. 04721 and 04723 are 15 and 20 kW liquid-cooled generators, which are both revved up with a 1.5L OHC four-cylinder engine and likewise powered by natural or LP gas.

Considered the most quiet liquid-cooled generator, Model No. 04725 is specifically designed with a remote-mounted 200-amp automatic transfer switch that ensures fast and efficient transfer to generator seconds within power outage.

Guardian’s 30 kW liquid-cooled generator runs with a 3.0L L V-6 engine. Operating at no less than 1800 RPM and maximized use of its cooling fan, Model No. 4988 is one of the quietest Guardian generators.

Model No. 04992, a 40 kW liquid-cooled generator, runs with a 3.9L V6 engine. And like any other Guardian system, it is equipped with the automatic shutdown safety feature, which serves to protect the engine and generator in cases when oil level or pressure gets dangerously low, temperature drastically rises, coolant level drops, and when overcranking and/or overspeeding happens.

The company also offers RV generators that operate on diesel fuel, liquid propane, and gasoline and can supply 3,400- to 7,500-watt range of power output. Guardian offers three specially designed generators for recreational vehicles all powered by the patented Generac OHVI, whose genuine maximum pressure lubrication system ensures uninterrupted lubrication through all the critical engine parts.

  • IMPACT Series
  • PRIMEPACT Series
  • QUIETPACK Series

The IMPACT Series is remarkably the world’s first RV generator that is computer controlled. Compared to other similar products offered by its competitors, Guardian has these specially designed RV generators approximately half its regular size and weight fit for truck campers, class B and C single-roof air conditioner mobile homes.

If you are looking for a high-performance and dependable RV generator, the PRIMEPACT Series is perfect for you. The generator system’s genuine design provides the most convenient access to spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, and other components and parts for regular maintenance and servicing. This makes the PRIMEPACT Series perfect for class C and class A mobile homes with dual-roof air conditioner applications.

With the fully enclosed generator systems, the QUIETPACT Series are notably quieter and less bulky than the generators provided by competitors in the industry, which is fit for class A and class C utilizing dual-roof air conditioner systems and trailer applications. And for class A-designed structures, QUIETPACT has its diesel generators fully enclosed with mufflers ensuring maximum noise reduction.


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