Guardian Centurion Generator Review


Families living in Florida and in other states that are often visited by hurricanes prefer gasoline-powered generators over those types that run on natural gas or propane. This is because homes in these areas are entirely powered by electricity, hence propane-powered generators simply won’t work here. In addition, residents in these areas find standby generators with propane tanks simply not pleasing to the sight.

A Guardian Centurion generator review may very well be considered here. For example, the Centurion 17500 electric start portable generator is powerful and is the largest portable generator available. It has a big tank and can power several appliances, tools, and even a 5-ton air conditioner simultaneously.

The cost of the Centurion 17500 portable generator is relatively ideal for its wattage. It has 17,500 running watts/26,250 surge watts, and has a manual transfer switch comprised of 16 circuits, an outdoor connection box, and a 15-foot power cord.

Another Guardian Centurion generator model you may want to consider buying is the Centurion 15000 portable generator, which has 15,000 running watts/22,500 surge watts – enough power to start a 4-ton air conditioner and other appliances or tools simultaneously.

The Centurion 15000 portable generator has a large 16-gallon fuel capacity for extended run, an electronic governor to protect sensitive electronic devices, and an extended engine life (rated 3,000+ hours). This unit also has full pressure lubrication and an automotive style spin on oil filter. Battery, wheel kit, and electric start are included.

There are many Guardian Centurion generator units to choose from and review, you can start with the two models mentioned here.

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