Guardian 15KW Portable Generator For Backup Power


To protect valuable electrical gadgets from power cuts generators are kept ready for instant start up. Thus ensuring that your appliances are running immediately. To remove these difficulties a generator like the Guardian 15 kW portable generator is available on the market which will take care of such problems and instantly restore your power supply.

Durable and heavy duty at 450 pounds along with improved features like Idle Control, (2) Duplex Outlets 20 amp @ 120 volts, (2) GFCI outlets 20 amp at 120 volts, (2) twist box for 30 amp at 120 volts, (1) 50 amp twist box@120 and 240 volts, (1) 12 volts at 10 amp D/C it is very easy to handle. This gen set can easily handle your power needs unless you are planning to power up a mansion or a school.

Other important characteristics of this Guardian 15kw portable generator are its convenient size (49x39x24cm) it is without a wheel kit, has a high capacity motor (30 HP), automatic voltage regulator (120/240 volts) and of course long engine life (3000 hours) because of its pressurized lubrication system with oil filters which ensure problem free runs at a stretch.

In addition, this transportable Gen set has high fuel tank capacity of 16 Gallons to ensure uninterrupted continuous run hours with up to 10 hours. It is suitable for meeting the stringent needs of Chemical Process Industries, where disruption in power supply is not allowed even for a few minutes.

Maintaining a continuous power load of 15000 Watts, will provide the much needed uniform power supply to the system which can be further raised to 50% more. Connecting a Gen cord and using a Power Transfer System will further boost up the performance of the Gen set and will help it to perform most efficiently indeed.

The twin industrial engine (OHVV-Twin Industrial Engine 992 cc) ensures a hassle free run. Being exactly of same capacity as the standby one, this electric Guardian 15 kW portable generator will definitely ensure a quick start up to restore power supply.

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