Grizzly Saws


Grizzly Industrial Inc. was founded in 1983, and boasts one of the largest catalogs of power tools on the market. Grizzly tools are also sold directly to the customer, passing on that added value to the consumer. Grizzly has a huge range of equipment, starting with the low end entry level family of tools, all the way to heavy duty industrial style systems.


Grizzly offers table saws that run the gamut of options, starting with the affordable $329.95 Makita H3836 10″. The H3836 comes with a powerful 15 amp motor, while also being light weight enough to transport at 40 lbs. The Makita H3836 runs at a high 4600 RPM, ensuring a smooth cut every time. At the high end, Grizzly sells the top of the line, including the $15,352.50 G0620 14″ 10 HP 3-Phase sliding table saw. The G0620 includes the latest features, such as digital controls for all adjustable components.

Grizzly sells bandsaws as well, starting off at the affordable end of the line with the $235.00 G0622 4″ x 6″ metal cutter. Grizzly also offers high end products such as the G0664 8″ x 13″ heavy duty metal cutter for $5,750.00. The G0664 has heavy duty roller tables for large projects, as well as a 21 HP motor for the toughest jobs.

Along with metal cutting band saws, Grizzly also has a full line of woodcutting saws, starting with the $325.00 G0580 14″ bandsaw. The Grizzly line of woodcutting saws extends all the way up to the G0504, a $15,995.00 bandsaw with a dual conveyor belt and a powerful 25 HP motor. The G0504 includes a wealth of features, including digital controls, variable speed control of the conveyor belts, and a steel fence with rollers. The G0504 is one of the most versatile and powerful bandsaws on the market today.


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