Greenway Water Dispenser


How Greenway Water Cooler Filtration Benefits Your Health?

The Greenway water dispenser company offers a huge range of products that will certainly fit any need.


From convenient countertop models to specialty models, the company has it all. If you are looking a cost-effective, high-quality product, you should check out the Greenway water cooler models.

Here is a brief look at what they have to offer.

When it comes to model selection, Greenway water dispensers come in four main categories: countertop, full size freestanding models, full size with refrigerator storage, and specialty models.

The line of countertop Greenway hot cold water dispenser is a very good choice.

Greenway GWD2630W-1 is the unit that comes in white and is easy to set up and operate. It offers a low cost way of heating liquid that can save consumers money as the heating element does not have to stay on all the time.

This Greenway bottled water dispenser uses either three or five gallon containers.


For a standup model, consumers may want to look at freestanding Greenway GWD5960W. This is an attractive unit that does not take up much room. It, too, offers users a great way to save energy and energy costs as the heating elements are not required to be on constantly. It comes in a white finish, but other colors are also available, though they have different model numbers.

These units provide a LED night light as well as an easy-to-reach thermostat. They utilize either a three or a five gallon contain, not included.

The Greenway GWD860W water dispenser is a very good option for those who also want refrigerated storage within the unit. This model offers consumers a high-quality compressor that results in much better cooling than found in some other brands. The model includes indicator lights which let the user know when the liquid is ready to dispense. Safety switches and latches are also included to prevent children from operating the unit unattended. The storage area includes interior light inside the dispenser.

Greenway water cooler GWD860W includes a high-quality stainless steel reservoir which gives it long life. It uses either three or five gallon containers, which are not included.

The Benefits of Greenway Water Cooler Filtration System

Consumers will be happy to know that finding replacement Greenway water filter is a snap. Many online vendors offer the products needed for the Greenway water filtration system to operate at its maximum level.


Most replacement cartridges use activated, granulated carbon to reduce odor, particles, and chlorine tastes. Generally, each replacement will last from four to six months, depending on the level of use.

There are many advantages to the Greenway water dispenser. The sheer number of models that are available is but one advantage. It is safe to say that virtually any customer will find what he or she needs with this company.

Accessibility to replacement parts and long-lasting Greenway water filters are another advantage consumers will appreciate. Overall costs of the units are within most budgets and are competitive when compared to other brands.

For disadvantages, only two stand out, and to be fair, these will apply to most brands as well. First, the larger Greenway water coolers must be flushed properly in order to remove any taste of plastic in the water. This may require a full five-gallon jug of water. Second, unless you live in a large metropolitan area, it may be difficult to find in-store vendors. When that is the case, buying online is the answer.

When consumers are looking for a high-quality, reliable product, the Greenway water dispenser should be on their list of products to check.


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