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As the name suggests, Green Star juicer extractor is best when you need fresh, tasty and highly nutritious juices from green veggies, like wheatgrass, herbs, fibrous plants, tough or stringy vegetables and sprouts.

This Green power juicer is sometimes referred to as Green Star Twin Gear Juicer – a famous technology used by GreenStar whereby magnets and bio ceramic materials as used to produce better quality, more quantity and more fresh juices from greens.

In Green Star juicers, the Twin Gears crush the vegetables or fruits and separate the vital part of juice with high level of nutrient from the pulp. In combination with very slow spin speed, which produces low heat, they optimize and eliminate the oxidation of vital enzymes naturally good for health.

Reputation of Green Star Power Juicer

The company’s philosophy on slow speed juicing is well backed up by an experiment conducted by Dr. Norman Walker. His tests showed that low speed grounding and compression of vegetables is very effective at filtering out toxic metals like mercury and lead. These bad for health chemicals are especially dangerous for those who drink green juices for medical purposes.

Due to found success with green life juicing and being recommended by a number of nutritionists and food advocates, the company has won many awards in recent years, and the most noticeable being the Gold price in Alive Award of Excellence 2007.

GreenStar juicer was featured by several famous icons in the food and health industries, like Juliano – a famous raw food chef and author of Raw: The Uncook Book.

Benefits of Green Star Juicers

How to Use Green Star Power Juicer Video Demonstration

Twin gear lab test performed by the company has showed an increase of 50-200% higher mineral content compared to what most juicers on the market, like Omega, Champion or Waring can produce. Dietary minerals, like calcium, iron, and zinc are good for women and can help prevent common illness and deceases usually associated with old age.

Besides that, Green Power juicers feature automatic pulp ejection and impeller press system of twin gears that allows continuous juice extraction without plugging up.

They can also homogenize food for making treats such as nut butters, sorbets, grinding herbs and much more.

In addition to very effective Green Power juicing, Green Star juicer is the same time very versatile, and can be easily turned into functional food processors in any kitchen set up, be it at home, office, or professional places like restaurants and bars. Making baby food, pasta, extracting nut butters, or preparing fruit sorbet are just few of the good implementations.

When juicing greens like wheatgrass, you will not only get more tasty and fresh drinks, but the machine will also yield much more juice in terms of quantity. This is something that many types of masticating and centrifugal juicers fail to accomplish successfully.

Disadvantages of Green Star Juicer

While the slow RPM (rotation per minute) makes the Green Star juicer one of the most quite and smooth juice extractors, it also makes the whole process more time consuming and the machines can be very slow at juicing most of the fruits.

Price range is another consideration, because most Green power juicers fall under the budget of $400 – $500 and more, making it about 1.5 or two times more expensive than their competitors for similar features and functionalities. But you get what you pay for, because GreenStar juicer’s quality cannot be compromised.

The company also claims its products make the pulp comes out dry, but in test, some owners have report minor leaks, especially in the older GS-1000 models, but its not a major problem and can be easily fixed by wiping the excess with sponge..

Final Recommendation

Green Star power juicer is probably the best option for those who make juices from green vegetables often and require the highest level of vitamins and healthy nutrients for the body.

It will take time to prepare and clean, it will be a serious investment if you wish to buy one, but it will also be the best choice for those who drink green juices for health or medical purposes.

Best Green Star Juicers

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