Green Star GS-1000 Juicer Review


The Green Star GS 1000 Juice Extractor was one of the first very successful green power juicers made by GreenStar. While the company has already released its newer and more advanced models such as Green Star 3000 or Elite GSE – 5000 series, which are recommended for savvy juice lovers, the the Green Star 1000 juicer remains the basic model at the most affordable price at less than $420, and still ranks amongst the best selling models of its kind.

So what makes this GS-1000 stand the test of time and become so popular for green juicing?

Back few yeas ago, the Green Star 1000 was one of the few to introduce the two stage juicing process, using magnetic parts. When green herbs, veggies, or wheat grass were put into the machine, they would go through crushing and then squeezing stages. This process has proven right at the beginning that it yielded much more juice quantity as well as better quality, because very small amount of unnecessary heat was produced thanks to slow RPM.

Compared to similar models in the market, like the masticating Champion, or centrifugal Juiceman juicers, Green Star yields more nutritional values especially when you extract greens like parsley and kale.

Good and Bad Things About Green Star 1000 Juicer



  • Performs well for most green veggies or wheatgrass juicing
  • Yields more juice quantity – about 60% more than normal juicers.
  • Produces cool and refine juice, that taste better and can be stored longer than average model
  • No messy greasing before use is needed
  • Has 5 year warranty on motors and gears, but you must register your purchase within 10 days after purchase to qualify (if you buy online)


  • Compared to similar priced juicers from brands like Omega, GreenStar juicers have more parts, which make it longer to clean, assemble and disassemble, but they are quite easy to wash, so it wouldn’t be a big problem
  • Some parts like – pasta makers and mochi makers- are not included in this model but is in GS-3000 juicer purchase
  • Not as good when extracting juice from fruits as compared to other brands, it produces lots of foam and little juice from leafy greens like spinach

Consumer Reports:

Customers have praised its ability to extract and perform extremely well when juicing greens like bell peppers, cucumber, lettuce, carrots and wheat grass.

You will also receive all the basic and essential parts for most juicing tasks, like: homogenizing blank for making nut butter, food; fine screen for veggies, plastic and wooden plunger, juice pitcher and pulp dial adjuster. Which is more than enough for most family use.

However, if you plan to make fruit juices, like oranges, citrus, banana shakes or ice screams, it is suggested that you opt in for centrifugal or masticating types instead, like one of those Omega juicers.


While Green Star GS 1000 Juice Extractor might not be the latest release, it is probably the best price you can get from the line of Green Star Power Juicers, for the fact that its retails for just under $420. It can still be quite versatile to prepare baby food, make nut butters, grinding herbs and etc., but if you want more versatility, you should buy the Tribest GS-3000 model.

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