Green Star 3000 Juicer Review


The Tribest Green Star 3000 Deluxe juicer and the previous GS-2000 and GS-1000 juicers are in fact exactly the same models, and can perform exactly the same tasks. The major difference however, lies in the additional Attachments for Pasta, Rice Cake and Mochi processing; extra Drip Tray, Coarse Screen, and Stainless Steel Strainer which are all included in GS-3000 package.

In comparison, considering that you are only paying extra $40 from the previous GS-1000 model, it is highly recommended that you opt in for this latest version. While not many people will have to prepare food and make use of the extra parts provided, some consumers have reported that the parts can be very handy around the kitchen, you just never know when you will use them.

The Twin Gears found in the GS-3000 Tribest Green Star juicer feature pocket recesses, cutting points, and nylon safety buffer for more smooth and consistent juicing. Slow spin speed of 110 RPM using a 190 watt motor ensure very gentle juice extraction to preserve the most amount of vitamins and nutrition from your green juicing. This is especially important for those who are in critical health conditions and need to receive daily intakes of green herbs in the most fresh and tasty forms of drink.

Advantages and Disadvantages



  • Green Star 3000 juicer produces tasty and fresh juice due to its 2 stages juice extraction
  • Low heat performance helps to keep the juice for longer periods of times
  • It extracts on average almost double the amount of juice you would get if used ordinary 1 stage extraction juicers
  • The juice comes out more refined and lots of nutritional values still preserved
  • The company provide 5 year warranty on motors and gears, so you won’t have to worry about broken blades or a burned out motor
  • Has all the additional attachments for complete food processing tasks
  • Cheaper than similar performing products from competitors like Super Angel juicers which retail for around $800


  • The Green Star 3000 juicer parts can not be used with dishwasher, or left on hot temperature
  • Because cleaning has to be done manually by hand, it takes time (4-5 minutes) due too many parts involved when assembling or dissembling
  • Does not extract juices very well when used for fruits like banana, citrus, pear, melon, etc…

Final Words

Overall, the Tribest Green Star Juicer GS-3000 series is perfect if you need the high amount of nutrition and enzyme preserved in the juice.

At just under $460, (might be eligible for free shipping if you purchase from it’s a very good value for the price and what it can do. Best used when you most like will be extracting juice from green veggies, wheatgrass or want to use it as a food processor, but not for most leafy greens or fruits.

If your require the best quality extracted juice, then the next line of Green Star Elite juicers might be more handful to have. The technology behind these Elite series is far more advanced with 3 Stages juice extraction.

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