Green Label Onan RV Generator Parts Keep Your RV Running


When you purchased your RV, you specified an Onan generator. You knew that Onan generators provide reliable power output combined with a long life time. The way to insure that reliability and life is to use Green Label Onan generator replacement parts in your generator.

The Green Label Onan replacement parts meet the same exacting requirements that the original parts must meet. There are other parts out there that will fit an Onan generator but they may not be made to the same exacting specifications. Green Label replacement parts can be either ordered on line or at a Cummins Onan RV service and parts dealer.

Examples of the exacting design specifications are found in air filters, spark plugs and oil filters. These design specifications are carried through in the replacement parts to maximize the power output and the life of the generator.

Air filters that are Green Label Parts are designed with a foam pre cleaner. This pre cleaner provides an extra level of cleanliness to the air that enters the intake system. Dirt wears away both cylinders and piston rings. An air filter that is substituted for a Green Label part may not filter the air as well thus reducing the life of the generator.

Spark plugs for generators utilize a different gap than automotive spark plugs. Green Label spark plugs come with the correct gap set. If a spark plug has to be re gapped after purchase there is a chance that the gap will be set wrong or the ground strap bent so that it does not cover the electrode. This will lead to reducing the life of the spark plug.

Green Label oil filters for the RV have a bypass for cold starts or if the filter becomes clogged. Many replacement oil filters do not have this bypass or if they do, the pressure setting on the valve may not be the correct setting for the Onan generator.

The use of Green Label replacement parts for the Onan RV generator insures that the power output of the generator is constant and the life of the generator will be what is expected from the generator. The generic parts that are available neither insure power output or life of the generator.

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