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Why are Grant boxing gloves so popular with the professional boxers? Pro boxers like Floyd Mayweather, Bernard Hopkins, Evander Holyfield and Gennady Golovkin are boxing with Grant boxing gloves and that’s not without a reason.

Grant boxing gloves provide more padding and protection in comparison with Cleto Reyes for instance. The Reyes boxing gloves are more the puncher type of boxing gloves.

Grant Professional Fight Boxing Gloves Red Blue White

But why would you want a pair of boxing gloves which have more padding? This all depends on what boxing level you are or on what kind of boxing level you’ll be in the near future. It also depends on your fighting style which kind of boxing gloves will fit you better.

Grant boxing gloves protect your fists more because the padding material and where the padding is located in the glove. Of course the same weighted boxing gloves will have the same weight but the manufacturer can choose where to place the weight on the glove. With the Grant boxing gloves, the padding is more located at the front side of the fist and at the knuckles.

If you keep on leaving the ring with bruised knuckles with some kind of thin boxing gloves then you might be better off with a new pair of Grant boxing gloves. If you don’t then your knuckles will become more and more sore and in the end you will have to stop boxing.

There are also some different types of boxing gloves, special boxing gloves made for sparring or fighting.

The Grant boxing gloves made for sparring are used during your trainings. Whether you train with a boxing bag, ball or with a sparring partner. The special sparring Grant boxing gloves have Velcro straps which makes it easier for you to take them off and on. Sparring boxing gloves also have a thicker padding at the front of your fists which will protect your knuckles more against bruises etc, especially when you are training for long hours. Just make sure that you choose your sparring boxing gloves so that the weight will not be far from your normal fighting Grant boxing gloves.

Mayweather's Pink Grant Gloves

The fighting Grant boxing gloves are normally only used for the matches and boxing tournaments. During the boxing matches you use your fighting boxing gloves in order to have better control of your hands so that you punch your opponent with the perfect blow. Therefore have the fighter Grant boxing gloves thinner padding than the sparring Grant boxing gloves. The fighting Grant boxing gloves have laces instead of Velcro straps. But for fighting this is not a problem because you will always have somebody around to help and assist you. One more important thing to mention is that you will have to use your fighting Grant boxing gloves before your first fight during training to „wear them in“. Just like leather shoes, you need to „walk them in“, it’s the same with the fighting Grant boxing gloves.

The special used leather of Grant boxing gloves make sure that the gloves quickly adapt to the shape of the boxers hand. This tanned leather is lined with a water protection satin or nylon and more top quality materials are used to create boxing gloves which will last for many matches and trainings. There are also many different designs to choose your own Grant boxing gloves to fit your personal style and appearance.

The Grant boxing gloves are made in various sizes and weights. This depends on the weight of the boxer and therefore also the strength. Especially for younger boxers, do not box with too heavy boxing gloves because the arms and muscles will be outweighed by the boxing gloves. Which will result in too much muscle strain in the arm muscles, shoulders and wrists. The boxing glove sizes correspond the body weight as follows:

Glove weight – Body weight
12oz or 14oz – 120lbs or lower
14oz or 16oz – 120lbs to 150lbs
16oz to 20oz – 150lbs to 180lbs
18oz and above – 180lbs and above

If you are new to boxing, boxing gloves are not the only gear you need to buy. Check out what you really need to buy for essential boxing gear before you buy a lot of things which you might not really need.

The Grant boxing gloves provide the boxer with very good fists and knuckles protection without minimizing the control of the hands and punches. Read the page with the boxing gloves buying tips and together with the above knowledge and with the outstanding durability of Grant boxing gloves, you will probably make the conclusion that Grant boxing gloves are really the best boxing gloves available now.


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