Gowise Air Fryer Reviews


GoWise Airfryer Review

More and more households are joining the airfryer movement. Promising to reduce the oil you use when frying your favorite food, these countertop appliances won’t only make your food healthier, but also reduce the time and effort you spend preparing your favorite fried foods.

Given that they’re so efficient and effective, there’s no question why you might want an airfryer of your own. The only question now is – which airfryer among the many different brands and models should you invest it?

In your search for the best airfryer, you might stumble upon the GoWise Aifryer – a top rated option that has won over a lot of buyers. Find out if you’ll get satisfaction with this option like many other thousands of users by checking out our comprehensive guide on the GoWise Aifryer.

At a Glance

The design of the GoWise Aifryer doesn’t really stand out in terms of appearances. It features the same, rounded body that comes with a digital front panel. On the panel are several buttons that control settings and adjustments. Here, users can find the 8 pre-sets that make it easier to adjust the airfryer to meet your cooking standards.

The bottom half of the airfyer features a handle, which when pulled out reveals a 3.6 quart capacity cooking basket.

Versatility at Its Finest

Unlike other airfryers that can only serve the purpose of frying, the GoWise Aifryer goes the extra mile by offering other functions and features to give you greater versatility in the kitchen. The GoWise Aifryer is capable of roasting, grilling, baking, among many other cooking options to give you greater legroom to experiment with a wide variety of recipes from the single device.

When it comes to pre-sets, the GoWise Aifryer also satisfies. Providing you 8 different options to choose from, you can easily prepare a number of different household staples and cook them to perfection using these dedicated buttons.

Ease of Use, Convenience, and Safety

Many other airfryers require that you handle the hot frying basket straight from the appliance, making them a major safety hazard. The GoWise Aifryer eliminates that by providing you a removable pan and basket that’s cool to the touch so you can safely and easily transfer food to your plate or serving dish with ease.

Fast Outcomes with Rapid Air Technology

To evenly cook your food all over, the GoWise Aifryer incorporates rapid air technology which circulates hot air all throughout the cooking compartment to evenly cook your ingredients. The temperature can be set from 176 degrees to 392 degrees, so you can achieve a variety of different cooking outcomes with many different types of ingredients.

Accessible Repairs, Parts, and Accessories

Of course, there’s no way we can completely eliminate the chances of damaging our air fryers, but the GoWise Aifryer makes it easy to resolve any potential defects and damages. Among other airfryers, this options offers the most accessible repairs and parts services, making it easy for you to access fast service in case your airfryer gives in to wear, tear, and damage.

The GoWise brand has also released a line of accessories for their airfryers, making them much more versatile especially if you’re willing to shell out the cost of the add-ons.

Simple Clean Up

With dishwasher safe parts and accessories, cleaning the GoWise Aifryer is as easy as popping it inside your dishwasher. You can also easily hand wash the parts without trouble as the cooking basket features a non-stick surface that allows ingredients and residue to slide off effortlessly. This means you can reduce the amount of time you spend scrubbing and soaking the parts before you can actually get them cleaned up.

Large Capacity Perfect for Families

Whether you’re cooking for just one, or if you’re planning on preparing a feast for the family, the GoWise Aifryer has you covered. The large 3.7 quart capacity makes this airfryer a major investment for larger households with big families to feed, allowing you to prepare hefty amounts of food without having to break them up into batches.

The GoWise Aifryer can also accommodate food enough for just one, so you can also enjoy using the appliance if you plan on preparing a meal for just yourself.

Pros of the GoWise Aifryer

  • Seamless design makes it easy to keep on your kitchen countertop without losing the look of your interior design. Comes in two stylish colors that can suit any kitchen space.
  • Rapid air technology evenly cooks food all around, eliminating the need for you to keep checking on the ingredients or flipping them now and again.
  • Large digital display makes it easy to see how far along the cooking process is, giving you an idea of both time and temperature at a glance.
  • Cool touch handles and removable basket make it easy to serve food straight from the fryer without having to wait for it to cool down enough before you can handle it.
  • Large capacity perfect for preparing food for large groups.
  • Versatility like no other, allowing you to roast, fry, and bake all from the same countertop appliance.

Cons of the GoWise Aifryer

  • Lack of a viewing window makes it difficult to figure out if food has been cooked enough without opening the compartment.
  • The non-stick surface on the cooking basket may peel off after some time, requiring replacement.

The Verdict

Of course, all kitchen appliances come with flaws. So even with the GoWise Aifryer’s minor cons, it still proves to be one of the top contenders for the best airfryers on the market. The device perfectly fries food for superior outcomes with each use, and even promises to fulfil a number of other roles in your kitchen. So if you want a versatile tool that can replace many others and free up space in your home, then the GoWise Aifryer is the way to go.


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