Gotham steel vs Copper chef


Copper Chef Versus Gotham Steel

Visit any department store, kitchen essentials specialty shop, or even any online marketplace, and you’re likely to find a wide variety of pots and pans from different brands. Because people see cookware as something of a major household investment, they’re careful not to spend on products that won’t meet their needs and standards.

The question is – with so many different cookware brands on the market, how can you tell if you’ve chosen the right one? Answering that question first relies on identifying which brands are the most trusted and reliable among the different choices available to you. When it comes to cookware, two brand names will definitely stick out during your search. These are the Copper Chef and the Gotham Steel brands.

If you’re stuck on a decision between these two competing brands, and you want to make sure that you buy nothing short of the best, read through this comprehensive comparison to help you make the right choice.

At a Glance

One of the first things that buyers consider when choosing cookware is the way it looks. That’s actually how it works with virtually any physical product on the market. Because appearances are the first thing we notice when buying anything, it plays a major role in our consumer decision. When it comes to looks, Gotham Steel and Copper Chef both put up a fight.

Copper Chef boasts a sophisticated, elegant, and stylish aesthetic across all of its pots and pans. Basically, they’re all a solid copper, semi-gloss finish all around that gives them a very pleasing appearance perfect for having on display in your kitchen. Handles and lid hardware feature a stainless steel finish, and adds stylish contrast to the overall look of the pieces. This design was intended to allow users to serve meals straight from the stove to the dinner table without having to use special dishes and trays.

Gotham Steel on the other hand, features a similar design with a minor twist. The interior of the pieces are the same copper color, however the exterior is replaced with a deep matte black that gives the cookware another dimension of depth and aesthetic. The handles and other hardware on the lids are also finished in stainless steel. So, on the outside, the Gotham Steel line of cookware doesn’t really look very different from other run-of-the-mill cookware pieces, but they do offer a pop of sophisticated aesthetic on the inside.

Make and Material

Looking beyond the appearance of a cookware piece, you’re going to find that they all offer a different combination of materials. The make of each piece will tell you how durable and efficient it will be in the kitchen, which is why this factor should mean much more than any other you’re going to consider.

The Copper Chef line of cookware makes use of a 5-layer construction that ensures both durability and reliability. Basically, the combination of layers helps guarantee that the pots and pans will optimally conduct heat so you can create evenly cooked meals much faster. Compared to other brands, Copper Chef promises a heat capacity of up to 800°F – up to double that of typical pots and pans.

The Cerami-Tech coating prevents stubborn ingredients from sticking to the surface, so transferring from the pan to your plate is as easy as simply sliding the ingredients off.

The only issue with the Copper Chef is that some pans tend to get scratches over time, especially if you use the wrong utensils to cook on them.

On the other hand, the Gotham Steel line of cookware features a titanium and ceramic material combination called Ti-Cerama that promises superior durability compared to any other brand on the market. The material itself is non-stick, so you won’t have to worry about damaging the surface of your pots and pans with cooking utensils. In fact, the brand promises that you can use even silverware to cook on the Gotham Steel line without causing any scratches, dents, or damage that many other cookware brands would sustain.

In terms of heat capacity, Gotham Steel falls a little behind the Copper Chef brand, able to sustain just 500°F of heat, so it may not be suitable for certain cooking methods.

Uses and Functionality

The final major consideration you should make when buying cookware is how you intend to use it. Of course, many of us think that cookware all serve the same purpose, but there are significant differences that could greatly affect the way you enjoy the use of your cookware.

The Copper Chef line of cookware is mostly intended for roasting, stir frying, and cooking large meals like pastas and soups. Many of the designs are made with ultra-deep dimensions, that make them very versatile compared to other cookware models. The only reason why the Copper Chef design doesn’t suit some buyers is because the depth of the pots and pans also make them difficult to store.

With Gotham Steel, you can bake, fry, and sear, which are all cooking methods that the brand promises to ease. The brand’s non-stick surface makes it very easy to use for even the stickiest ingredients, with some of their deep pots and pans serving the purpose of cake tins.

The issue with Gotham Steel is that they’re not quite as large as Copper Chef pots and pans. That said, you may have to cook several batches or use extra pots and pans if you’re planning on cooking for a large group of people.


When it all comes right down to it, both Gotham Steel and Copper Chef have something to bring to the table. If you’re in the market for a set of cookware that promises to accommodate a large number of ingredients with ease, the Copper Chef might be your best bet. If on the other hand, you want to say goodbye to the fear of damaging your cookware with cooking utensils, the Gotham Steel brand might be a good place to start.


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