Gotham Steel Pan Reviews


Gotham Steel Review: Smart cookware for your kitchen

Gotham steel pans are marketed by E. Mishan & Sons, Inc. The establishment is family owned and is an investor, distributor and importer of many popular As Seen On TV products. The company has over 70 years of experience in branding mass appeal products.  Emson products are based on innovation, outstanding quality and customer satisfaction. The product categories promoted by the company include electrical appliances, non-electrical goods, pet care,  beauty care, personal care, outdoor, auto and fitness products. Gotham steel pan is part of the patented list of products that Emson promotes.  Bell+Howell, Sharper Image etc. are brands that have been made popular by Emson internationally.

Gotham Steel pans are top quality cookware made from ceramic nonstick layer and robust titanium. The superior quality titanium used in the pan enables high durability. The pans can be used for a longer span of time as they are not only durable, but also have materials free of toxic content that are completely safe for adults and children.  The pans in spite of being made from titanium are not heavy but just the right weight to use comfortably. They can be removed easily from the burner to the table because of the balanced design.

Easy to maintain cookware

Gotham Steel pans are easy to clean and maintain as they are dishwasher safe. You can load them in your dishwasher without any worries of damaging the nonstick coating of the pan. If you are unable to clean the pan immediately after you have cooked food in it, soaking it is soap and hot water will prevent any residue left from drying and sticking to the pan. Wiping it with a paper towel will be sufficient to clean it.

Cooking safety

Gotham Steel Pan is constructed using completely safe materials that are free of toxic or harmful ingredients. Most nonstick cookware sets have PFOA and PFOS, which can release toxic substances when heated at very high temperatures. Gotham steel pan does not contain toxic materials in its nonstick ceramic surface covering.

You can be assured that the material would not chip, peel or crack when you overheat it, use in the dishwasher, use wire to scrape it clean or metal spoons on it. Further the pan will not leave any unsightly gray marks over the food as happens with low quality nonstick pan varieties.

Innovative nonstick technology

Gotham Steel Pan endorsed by Daniel Green, the reputed Chef, is an exclusive cookware as it uses the latest nonstick technology in combination with ultra-strong titanium. Even though nonstick cookware has been in use for a long time, Gotham Steel pans claim to use revolutionary technology to ensure good quality and performance.

Although the pan is not entirely made of Titanium, which would make it very expensive, the pan is actually made of aluminum, which is infused with a small amount of titanium. The pan is attached with a stainless steel handle.

Makes cooking efficient and simple

Gotham steel pans make it easy to cook any type of food including steaks, eggs and cheese. The food slides easily from the pan without using grease, butter or oil. Scratching the pan is not a worry as the nonstick coating is scratch resistant and you can use metal cookware safely in it. It is especially useful for making one pan meals. It can be used in the oven and cleaned easily in the dishwasher making cooking a quick, easy and efficient job.

Gotham steel pans are available as different models including

  • Gotham Steel Pans/Gotham steel frying pan
  • Gotham Steel Square Pan
  • Gotham Steel xl
  • Gotham steel pan set/Gotham steel cookware/Gotham pots and pans
  • Gotham Steel Pasta Pot

Let us see each one of these in detail, so you can know about each product, its pros and cons and decide on the right choice for your kitchen.

  1. Gotham Steel Pan/Gotham steel frying pan

Gotham Steel Pan, made of ceramic nonstick coating and ultra-strong titanium, makes an ideal frying pan. The nonstick coating enables food to be cooked and transferred from the pan easily without the aid of oil or butter resulting in healthier fat free meals. The nonstick is scratch resistant, so you can use metal utensils in the pan without worrying about the coating being damaged.

Safe and trouble free cookware

The durable titanium ceramic coating makes cooking free of any clean up hassles that you normally experience with other cookware. The coating is also free of PFOS, PFOA and PTFE toxic chemicals ensuring food you cook is safe.

Heat efficient

The construction of the pan enables to conduct heat efficiently, so low heat is sufficient. And it also keeps food from sticking to the pan making cleaning easier. The quick heating enabled by the titanium and aluminum in the pan along with nonstick coating reduces your time in the kitchen drastically.


The pan is available in three different sizes namely 12.5 inches, 11 inches and 9.5 inches, which are available separately or as a set of three, if you want to buy them all.  The 9.5 inches pan is of dimensions 16.3 x 9.5 x 1.8 inches and it weighs 1.8 pounds


  • Efficient heating
  • Low heat is sufficient to cook food
  • Weight is well balanced and manageable
  • Available in three pan sizes


  • Cooking surface is very small
  • Cannot be used on induction stovetop
  1. Gotham Steel Square Pan

Gotham Steel square pan is available as a cookware set consisting of a square pan with induction steel base, steam rack, fry basket and lid.  The square pan can be used in an oven up to a temperature of 500 degrees. It is free of toxic PTFE, PFOA and PFOS and is safe to be used in dishwasher.


The dimensions of the square pan include 20.1 x 9.9 x 5.8 inches and it weighs 4.3 pounds. The square pan allows more space for food. You can easily fit in four whole chickens, 16 bacon strips or four burgers and much more.

Reduces clutter

The square pan available as multiple pieces helps you to do away with all the unnecessary cookware as it can be used to cook different types of food easily in the oven and stove top. The fry basket allows draining of excess oil resulting in crispy and non-greasy food.

Nutritive cooking

The steamer provide with the square pan helps to preserve the minerals and nutrients in your vegetables. It is made of ceramic and titanium to ensure hassle free and fast cooking.


  • Cooks evenly
  • Clean up is very easy
  • Versatile cooking efficiency
  • Nonstick coating is good
  • Is very scratch resistant


  • Unsuitable for use on induction stoves
  • The pan is not as deep enough as advertised
  • Lighter in weight than expected making it look cheaper
  • Cookbook is not given only link to copy that has to be downloaded
  1. Gotham Steel XL

Gotham Steel Xl pans are of nonstick variety and have the same combo of ceramic and titanium as in other Gotham steel pan varieties. It has very good scratch resistance and the nonstick coating helps food slide off sleekly without the need for any butter or oil. The pan has a high degree of heat resistance and can withstand heat to about 500 degrees. Free from extremely toxic chemicals including PFOS, PFOA and PTFE the pan is so smooth that even melted cheese does not stick to the pan. It slides off the pan easily.

Important features of the XL Gotham Steel Pan include

  • Dishwasher safe: Can be cleaned in a dishwasher easily without worries about the pan getting damaged.
  • High heat resistance: Cooking recipes that require high heat is a breeze with the XL pan, as it is oven safe to a high temperature of 500 degrees.
  • Metal utensil friendly: Metal utensils can be used without any damage to the pan. Since the nonstick does not allow food to stick to the pan, scraping or scratching the surface is not necessary.
  • Safe from toxic chemicals: The pan is designed free of harm producing toxic materials such as PTFE, PFOS and PFOA.
  • The 11 inch model has dimensions of 15.7 x 11.2 x 6.5 inches and weighs 5 pounds.


  • Is 25 % larger than the normal pans making it easy to cook even a whole turkey.
  • It is endorsed by popular TV celebrity, and chef, Daniel Green. He guarantees that baking cheese and s’mores will not damage the pan surface.
  • The pan makes it easy to fry foods with the wire basket accessory available with the pan.
  • Steamer accessory enables cooking healthier food
  • The pan design helps to give you several cooking options including frying, steaming, baking and more.


  • The handle, made of stainless steel, needs an oven mitt to hold it as it gets heated easily
  • The nonstick coating wears off in a short span


  1. Gotham steel pan set/Gotham steel cookware/Gotham posts and pans

Gotham Steel pan set of 10 pieces is a unique combination of pots and pans that ensure wonderful durability and multi-functional capability. The entire set is made to uphold the quality standards of Gotham steel pans and have the typical features that include

  • Made of top grade ceramic and titanium that offer ultimate cooking efficiency
  • Titanic ceramic feature helps cooking without any type of grease including oil and butter
  • The surface is scratch resistant allowing use of metal utensils while cooking food.
  • The pan is suitable for cooking in oven or stove top at high temperatures.
  • The pan set is rust proof and light in weight
  • It is free of PFOS, PTFE and PFOA
  • It is fully dishwasher safe
  • The set of pots and pans includes
    • Pots of 5 quart, 2.5 quart and 1.5 quart all with lids
    • Pans of 10.5 inches (with lid) and 8.5 inches
    • A steamer
  • All products are dishwasher friendly and easy to clean up making them ideal for use as professionals and beginners.
  • The product dimensions include 23.5 x 8.5 x 12.8 inches and the weight is 12 pounds.


  • Ceramic with high quality nonstick coating
  • Titanium for quick heating
  • Great for cooking on high heat
  • Durable material
  • Multifunctional cooking set
  • Clean up is very easy


  • Expensive
  • Scratch proof feature is not that good
  • It is of low quality
  • The coating on the pan bottom peels off easily
  1. Gotham Steel Pasta Pot

After wowing customers with its range of cookware, Gotham Steel has introduced the pasta pot. The pasta pot from Gotham steel is designed especially for cooking pasta and straining it.  The features of the pasta pot include

  • Material is made of titanium and nonstick ceramic
  • Remains cool to touch
  • Available in capacities of 5 quart and 4 quart
  • Does not need butter or oil for easier and faster cooking
  • The pot contains both small and large straining holes
  • Handles with twist and lock feature for easy straining
  • Lid is made of tempered glass
  • Exterior finish is made of enamel
  • Dimensions include 13 inches in length, 9.45 inches in width and 7 inches in height
  • Lifetime warranty by manufacturer
  • Handles are made of stainless steel, contoured and with double rivets

Construction of the pasta pot is the main highlight as the ceramic titanium surface is of stellar quality. When used properly, the quality of the nonstick surface can be retained for a long time. The locking pot handles are a smart and innovative feature.

The locks in semicircular form rotate to the lid’s edge, retaining it in position as the liquid is poured through the holes for straining. The locks rotate well out of your way and to their position in the handles when they are not needed. This design makes the pasta pot highly efficient reducing the amount of time and effort needed to use a separate strainer.

The different sized holes enable straining of foods of different types like boiling eggs or potatoes, although sometimes they may take more time than normally needed.


  • Good quality nonstick ceramic titanium design
  • Straining holes make cooking pasta easier
  • Locking handles help in efficient and fast draining
  • Draining holes of different sizes for foods of different types are very helpful


  • The handles are not cool as advertised as they heat up easily
  • The straining holes take longer time than you normally do

Where is Gotham Steel pan manufactured?

Gotham steel pans are marketed by Emson Inc. a family owned establishment based in New York, USA. The pans are made in Wallingford, Connecticut. All Gotham steel pans are provided with a money back guarantee of 90 days, excluding the expenses for shipping and handling. Any issues related to the product or queries will be addressed by the company when you contact their customer service personnel at 888-326-0978.

How does Gotham Steel compare with Copper Chef?

Copper Chef is a product that has many similarities with Gotham steel pan.  It is nonstick and easy to cleanup multipurpose pan that frees up the clutter of pots, cookers and pans in your kitchen with its single pan.  Gotham steel has a similar nontoxic surface, but is made of titanium and ceramic. To know which product is the better one, here is a comparison of various features in the two products.

Copper chef

This pan is a no cleanup nonstick pan that has an induction plate made of stainless steel. The pan has a cerami tech nonstick covering enabling cooking without adding grease, oil or butter. The pan has a riveted handle. It can withstand high temperature about 850 degrees and is oven safe.

The pan is available as multiple-piece set including a square pan of 91/2 inches, racks for steaming and roasting, lid made of tempered glass and a fry basket.

The Copper Chef pan is designed with versatile functionality and can be used as rice cooker, stock pot, steamer, roasting pan, baking dish and wok. The outer coating has real copper for fast and even heating. The induction heating plate on the undersurface further ensures fast heating.

Feature highlights

Material used: Stainless steel, ceramic and tempered glass

Coating: Ceramic tech nonstick covering free of PFOA and PTFE enabling cooking without grease or oil.

Pan bottom: Has steel induction plate pressed into the aluminum base in the pan.

Heat resistance: Up to a temperature of 850 degrees.

Handle: Oven safe and high temperature resistant riveted handle.

Gotham Steel pan

Gotham Steel pan is made of sturdy titanium and ceramic nonstick coating. Cooked food easily slides off due to the nonstick surface and does not need addition of butter or oil for cooking. The pan has non scratch technology, so you can use metal utensils and even blenders on the pan. The pan can withstand heat to about 500 degrees and is free of PFOS, PTFE and PFOA.

The pan can be cleaned easily without scrapping, scrubbing or damaging the nonstick coating. Titanium infused in the pan enables high heat withstanding capacity, so flambéing is easily done without causing damage to the pan.

Feature highlights

Material used: Titanium, Stainless steel and ceramic

 Coating: Surface has titanium and ceramic for fast and even heating

Pan bottom: Has a scratch guard metal ring in its bottom

Heat resistance: Up to a temperature of 500 degrees

Handle: Made of top quality stainless steel that is cool to touch

 Gotham vs. red copper

Red Copper pan is another cookware of the same As Seen on TV category that Gotham Steel belongs to. The two pans have certain similarities including the ceramic nonstick surface that allows cooking without any butter, oil or grease. Both are dishwasher safe. And cleanup is easy in the two products.  Both pans can be used in oven and making recipes such as bruschetta, bread and more is easier. The pans can withstand temperature up to about 500 degrees.

However they differ in the material used for construction of the pan. Red copper pan is a combo of copper and ceramic while Gotham Steel pan has titanium and ceramic combination. This difference leads to variation in distribution of heat. Copper is superior in distribution of heat when compared to titanium.  Many user reviews mention that the red copper pan has more even heating and produces well cooked meals than Gotham Steel. The cooking surface is also wider in red copper and its price is also a bit low than Gotham Steel.

Red Copper- Feature Highlights

Coating: Copper with nonstick ceramic

Bottom layer: Copper

Heat distribution: Copper absorbs heat and distributes it evenly and quickly resulting in best cooking results.

Handle: Made of stainless steel and gets hot easily and are present closer to heat source

Gotham Steel- Feature Highlights

Coating: Titanium infused with nonstick ceramic

Bottom layer: Scratch guard metal ring

Heat distribution:  Aluminum core helps in heat absorption and evenly distributed the heat

Handle: Superior quality stainless steel handle that is cool to touch

Customer Reviews

Customers who have bought the Gotham Steel pans and pots find that they are versatile products that form an ideal replacement for the pots and frying pans in their kitchen. The nonstick and non-scratch surface works as advertised with no marks forming when metal utensils were used. Food also heated to the right temperature without getting overcooked.

However a few users have mentioned that it is not good for cooking certain foods like eggs, as they stick to the pan. A few users were not satisfied with the nonstick feature as it deteriorated soon, even when only plastic spatula for cooking and soft sponge for cleaning was used on the pan.

And the pan helps to cook simple foods like sausages, eggs, veggies or steak, but for foods that need oil or other grease for cooking it may not work out as good.  The absence of lid for the pan is another drawback that a few users have mentioned. The pan cannot be used on induction stove top, which can limit the use.

Bottom Line

Nonstick line of cookware aim at providing a mess free and healthy cooking option reducing the time and effort spent while cooking foods.

Whether you want to put together a simple meal of eggs and sausage or do an elaborate meal, having top quality nonstick cookware will make the work easy and efficient. Gotham Steel pans are made of revolutionary nonstick ceramic titanium coating that keeps the pan free form scratches and damage.

While earlier Teflon was the only nonstick option present, now you have ceramic which does not contain any unhealthy ingredients.   While being free of toxic additions such as PFOA, PTFE etc., the pan also has good scratch resistance.

Although the product does perform well there are certain drawbacks like the stay cool stainless steel handle that will require using oven mitts if you don’t want to burn your hands.

The ceramic coating does not work as effectively after some time, which may be due to the fact that proper care is not taken, while cooking in it and cleaning it. Using butter or oil in the pan while cooking can shorten the pan’s life. Make sure you use white vinegar or water to wash the pan and only mild abrasives to keep the nonstick coating intact.

In the comparison above, of the three products, Copper Chef is more effective in evenly heating the food and can be used on induction stove top too. And it has a high temperature resistant surface enabling you to heat at higher temperatures without damaging the material or the food you cook. While As Seen On TV products are a good choice and have received favorable reviews, the stores near you may have an even better deal with a more superior quality material that you can check for yourself before you buy, which makes them another practical option for you to try.


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