Good Walkie Talkies


When talking about good walkie-talkies people usually don’t go too far. Mainly it is because people who don’t use them as often don’t possess the knowledge to talk about. Since walkie-talkies were sort of exchanged with mobile phones, the only field they are used is military, any type of security, surveillance and for some outdoor projects. Even thought this sound like a lot of people is using them it is mainly for business purposes. But, since you are already here and you shown interest in walkie-talkies let us help you find out which ones are the best walkie-talkies.

What to Look for in a Good Walkie-Talkie

When we were young we used to have these little two-way radios that we would share with other kids or our special friends/best friends and talk to them when we weren’t together. Usually, those kinds were the neighbors since the range of those walkie-talkies weren’t the best. But still, we loved them. And now that we are older we see kids running around with cell phones in their pockets without a single clue of how it was before. If you by any chance remember that time or you had a similar situation like our then you know what we are talking about. But, you aren’t here to remanence about past times and you want to know which walkie-talkies are good walkie-talkies.

In next few paragraphs, we will point out some of the most important features a good walkie-talkie has. Keep in mind that this list will have features that are important for personal usage and it may be a bit different from what you would look for when buying a two-way radio for business purposes.​

  • Signal filtering – If you want to have a clear connection between devices then you need to look for this feature. Signal filtering is a great feat if you by any chance have some weather issues outside or there are too many frequencies that might be in your way.
  • Easy guide – This might come as a shock to you, but some people can’t figure out how to operate with this things. Fortunately, good walkie-talkies come with step-by-step guides to help you learn all the tricks.
  • Battery life – There are two types of walkie-talkies that you can choose from in this section. You can either buy the ones that don’t come with rechargeable batteries and every single time you want to use your device you need to go to a store any buy a pair, this is usually a cheaper solution, but in a long run it will cost you more. Or, you can invest a bit more at the beginning and get yourself a nice pair of walkie-talkies with rechargeable batteries and use them whenever you feel like it. Of course, this decision depends on how much will you use them in future. If you plan to use them once or twice a month then you don’t need to worry about rechargeable batteries, but anything more than that and you will double your expenses.
  • Warranty – Even though most of them have it, it is a good thing to keep an eye on it. Especially if you think you found a super cheap, yet great quality walkie-talkie, search for a warranty flag. If they don’t have it pass it. You certainly don’t want to buy things that might be broken and you can’t fix them.

Hopefully, this short article helps you a lot when looking for good walkie-talkies. The only advice we can give you after everything is to know what you want to do with them, and with that you will be able to be more specific when looking for the right fit.


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