Good reasons for going solar for your home


Why should you install solar panels for your home?

A few years back, solar panels for your home meant huge roof top panels that did nothing but spoiled the look of the beautiful houses and produced barely sufficient power. But now this concept is no longer valid any more, with the improvements in the technology. Today there are various options available that help in making houses self sufficient in terms of power requirements. Amongst the various options available, solar energy and wind energy are the methods mostly used for residential purposes. No doubt both the systems have their own pros and cons but in the long run they prove to be cost effective and help in saving a lot of money that is spent on bill payments of public utilities.

Solar panels for your home are mostly apt for those houses that are well exposed to sunlight. In the houses that are situated in valleys or where there are a lot of trees, the solar power system may not be feasible since the power generation will not be sufficient enough and most of the times there will be a need for back-up sources. But even with these constraints the solar energy generation methods prove to be economical and eco friendly. These solar panels produce energy in the day time and a continuous exposure to sunlight is always better for adequate power generation. The excess energy that is created during the day time can be used at night.

The solar energy created by these solar panels for homes can be utilised for different purposes. The common ones include the production of electricity by the use of Photovoltaic or PV Technology and solar energy for water heating with the use of Solar Thermal or Flat Plate Technology.

This electric current can also be stored for use in the future. PV cells initially were not used for household purposes since they were not cost effective. But in the present days, this PV technology has advanced greatly and now power generation for individual household requirements is also done by installing such solar panels in houses. Setting up of PV systems is also on a rise thanks to the contribution of the government by introducing various incentive programs for solar panels for your home.

This solar electric generation turns out to be quite advantageous over a period of time. This is the best source of power generation amongst all the other sources of renewable energy sources and is completely eco-friendly. Power generation by this method does not involve creation of any kind of pollution. The installation expenses of solar panels for your homes are not much and the operating cost as well as the maintenance cost of these systems is hardly anything. Since the energy that is produced by these panels can be stored, it eliminates the need of back-ups since this stored energy can be utilised during nights and other days where the demand for energy is high. But then for individuals installing the power generating solar panels for homes can turn out be difficult since the electricity generating systems are more expensive compared to the water heating systems. Apart from this there is an absolute necessity of having a storage facility since power needs to be stored for times of non conducive climatic conditions or night times.

But on the whole such systems turn out to be useful since they help in substantially reducing the effect of the pollution created by the power generation plants on the environment. It also facilitates energy independence for individuals and also guarantees savings on excess electricity bills. Though at present this seems to be a costly proposition, few years down the line, many individuals can expect a recovery of at least 50 percent of the initial investment by way of savings on electricity bills.

The flat-plate collectors are metal boxes with glass or plastic covers on top with dark-colored absorber plates at the bottom. These plates absorb the solar energy and convert it into heat energy which heats up the water for residential purposes. These systems are largely by individual home owners as also for commercial purposes where there is a frequent requirement of hot water. These solar water heaters are highly cost effective and help in saving a lot of expense incurred on paying of bills. These water heaters are easily available and can be installed at reasonable rates.


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