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Hello Golf enthusiasts,

In this post I want to point out which is the simulator with the best golf swing analysis software : HD  golf simulator. Ok you have the answer already!! But read on…

This indoor driving range is, among the ones I viewed, the one that has the best graphics. It’s simply unbeatable under this regard. The company declares that they invested money and time to render the best graphics and physics of the golf environment. They claim having used satellites to get all the precise data, to the inch, of the dimensions of the courses and of each single bump of them. This quality , though, took its toll: the virtual golf simulator offers not a big variety of courses. Nothing in comparison to the 90+ of the Pro-tee united full swing golf simulator.

The golf training aids offered by this simulator are also among the best. The four high speed/high definition cameras, in fact, capture every most minute detail of the movement of your beloved clubs, which results in the most complete information on the swing you can possibly have: you’re provided with the ball speed, the ball spin ratio, the angle of the impact… I’d say more than a lot of golfers could handle, I got persuaded that this kind of information is more useful to pros or to the high level trainers.

On the golf launch monitor the user can also see the outline of himself on the previous shot, which is overlapped to the video of the following shots, so he can immediately spot the differences among the shots and, hopefully, the improvements from the first to the following.

Another peculiarity of this indoor driving range is the high quality dolby surround speakers system. No other simulator delivers such an audio quality.

The Measures:

Of the curved screen 16:9 model- for the most involving view:

  • Executive CS (H 9’ x W 13’11” x L 20’)
  • Standard CS (H 10’ x W 15 1/2’ x L 20’)
  • Championship CS (H 11’ x W 17’1″ x L 21’)

Of the Flat screen version:

  • Executive (H 9’ x W 12’ x L 19’)
  • Standard (H 10’ x W 13’ 1″ x L 19’)
  • Championship (H 11’ x W 14 1/2’ x L 20’

As usual, the Cons and Pros


– Virtual golf simulator price apt for big hotels, businesses or millionaires only;

– Too much focus on the graphics;

– Super complicated software of the swing analysis;


– High quality and realistic graphics;

-Nice possibility of making a personalized fitting of the simulator in the room, though at extra price;

All in all, I would suggest this simulators for the pros or their trainers and for very wealthy individuals/businesses. The golf swing analysis software is the best in the market.

Hope this review was useful,



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