Golf lessons from Mikelson? You get close with this


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

In this post I want to go off topic, in comparison with the rest of the site, and want to talk to you about another one of the great golf training aids. I’m reviewing a DVD of golf lessons from Phil Mikelson on what the professor does best: the short game.

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I have seen over and over this DVD (2 dvd set, actually), and have read the parallel book and I feel to say, without the shadow of a doubt, that this educational material is valuable. The style of the teaching is also engaging and enjoyable. Its greatness is that it delivers not only technical and boring concepts, but also the feel. Yes, that is, with these lessons you are impressed with the feel the true expert of the short game has to have.

If you really go out there and practice the lessons you will improve, whether you practice on a real course or in your indoor golf course.

Dear readers, don’t forget that the short game and the putting are universally acknowledged as the most important aspects of the game of golf. By the way, I suggest you aslo buy a indoor putting green or putting aid to practice the putting from the comfort of your home.

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Soe of the reviewers of this product have stated that they had difficult time to make their DVD readers read this product. If that is the case, you will have no problem in getting it substituted by the online shop.

Another defect that some viewers have reported is that the DVD cannot make a significative difference if your handicap is on the low end, like 9 or lower. This could be because the golf lessons don’t go in some specific details for the chips from 20 yards from the green with high grass. Anyway, Stan Utley’s book “secrets of the short game” may feel the gap usefully.

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I am not that good a player and, as said, the instructional material in this DVD, seriously practiced, made a difference in my play.

If you are short on money and or you live in a place in which it’s impossible to play all year round I strongly advice you buy this DVD, or the book, and without an expensive golf simulator or golf practice net tune your putting and short game.

Here I give you the CONS and PROS:


– Very few users report the DVDs to be incompatible for their readers;

– May not be very useful for very good players.


– Golf lessons from the best in the field;

– Nice golf feel transmitted;

– Enjoyable personality of the teacher;

– Easily implemented tips.


Hope you enjoyed this variation from the usual golf simulators for sale reviews.



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