Goal Zero 22004 Yeti Solar Generator


The Goal Zero 22004 Yeti solar generator is touted as the ‘mini portable powerhouse’ because it will power your cell phones, laptops and electronic devices anywhere and everywhere, and it’s completely gas free and it’s ‘plug and play.’ It’s also great for camping, and minor emergency situations. I bought the Goal Zero for tent camping with my family and for emergency situations. I’ve used it it a few times, and it works fairly well.

Power and Performance

Since this battery doesn’t take fuel, there are three different ways you can charge it. You can charge it with a solar panel that’s compatible with the generator (I don’t have a solar panel so this option is not for me). You can plug it into a regular wall unit, which is what I do. You can plug it into your car charger but I wouldn’t do this if your car isn’t running, and I did try this once but it took a long time to charge.

The battery itself is a 12V sealed lead-acid battery. It’s like a car battery. Like car batteries, you should keep this battery full at all times. The battery, just like in a car, can be replaced.

You see how fully charged it is by the LCD display, it’s just like a cell phone. The more bars, the more it’s charged.

This is an okay generator for things that don’t take a lot of power. It should just be called a power pack, the ‘solar’ part is misleading. One might think ‘solar’ means it will be charged by leaving it out in the sun, but that’s not the case. If you’re going to use this battery or one like it, you should get a watt meter for around $20 so you can make sure you’re not draining the battery with whatever you’re charging. A 150 Watt battery isn’t a great amount of juice.

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This is a good option to charge minimal powered items like cell phones, some led lights and radios. It’s not a good charger for an emergency power outage in your home because it doesn’t have the power.

Safety Features: The certifications for this product are the following: CE, FCC, ROHS

Control Panel Features

The control panel has two 12V ports, two USB ports, an AC port, a power button for each of the types of ports, an LCD display to show how much charge you have, a charging port and a charging indicator light. It’s pretty simple.


  • The biggest pro to this battery is that it weighs 12 pounds.
  • It’s extremely portable and light.
  • It’s a good battery to charge your cell phone or laptop or a low voltage reading light.
  • Good for camping
  • Doesn’t require fuel, conveniently charged from your wall outlet
  • LCD display for the battery level is very handy
  • Very easy to use
  • Good for CPAP power backup
  • Silent unlike other noisy generators


  • This is not a battery that can handle any kind of emergency backup.
  • The title of the battery itself is deceiving- not many people have solar panels to power the battery
  • Battery takes a long time to power up- 6 hours by the wall and 8 hours with a car charger
  • You need to keep this battery charged at all times or ‘full’ and if you forget, it’s hard on the battery and it also takes a long time to charge- not exactly handy if you have no power or just a car to charge it

The Verdict or Bottom Line

Depending on your personal needs with a generator, the Goal Zero 22004 Yeti Solar Generator may be something you can use. It’s extremely light weight, it will plug into your wall for a full charge, and if you must, you can also charge the battery in a car. The generator can be charged by specific solar panels as well, so if you have one of the solar panels listed on the battery instructions, that will work. I do not, so I plug mine in the wall. To totally charge this battery , it takes 6 hours from an outlet and it’s supposed to take 8 hours by a car charger, but I used a car charger and it took a lot longer.

If you aren’t looking for a generator to back up your appliances for an emergency, and just need something for electronic devices or LED lamps, then this is a good fit.

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