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Go Smile is a company that develops and supplies teeth whitening products and systems like pre-whitening amplifiers, on-the-go teeth whitening pens, etc. The company also provides lip treatment, touch-up, and toothpaste products. According to a Go Smile review, all its products are sold through authorized retail stores in the US and various online shopping portals. Based in California, the company was established in 2002.

What exactly is Go Smile?

The smile beauty company’s clinically proven teeth whitening systems can help you look younger in days, thanks to their most technologically advanced and effective teeth whitening products, as stated in an online Go Smile review.

How does Go Smile Work?

As suggested in a Go Smile review, the whitening system is designed to be used for a week or 12 days max, one time each in the morning and evening. Before applying Go Smile products, you will need to floss and rinse your teeth. Next, you will need to apply the ampoules from the packages.

A Go Smile review states that you will need to squeeze the ampoule so that the applicator tip would become saturated with the down-pointing serum. Keep on applying on your teeth till you finish the ampoule and leave it for at least 20 minutes for the serum to work. Avoid eating or drinking for that duration of time as suggested in one Go Smile review.

Go Smile Ingredients

In a Go Smile review, it is stated that the company uses Hyperox technology, a superior formula that causes hydroxide peroxide to release oxygen ions, thereby cleaning and whitening your teeth more effectively and efficiently. Go Smile also makes use of their Ampoule Technology that uses a special polymer formula to clean your teeth better.

Go Smile’s product line includes:

  1. Keep Your Smile White

These are lip treatments, touch-ups, and daily care toothpaste that are designed to keep your teeth white for the longest time possible, but only once you completed all the other Go Smile whitening systems.

  1. On-The-Go Whitener

It is a pen-based whitening system that you can carry wherever you go. By simply applying twice a day will grant you glowing white teeth as written in a Go Smile review.

  1. Classic Whiteners

You have to apply this whitener for a course of seven days; it is ideal for light and medium stains. All you need to do is apply the serum and go about your normal daily chores. It is free of any added preservatives.

  1. Brush to Whiten

This brush is for daily use and features peroxide-based products that can remove the toughest stains. Each brush is also fitted with a blue-light that works at a molecular level and reduces the time taken to remove stains.

  1. Power Whiteners

These whitening products can be used for a span of 6-12 days. These systems provide intensive whitening products as the Sonic Blue System whitens your teeth as you brush each day.

Any Go Smile side effects?

One of the most common side effects for any whitening system would be sensitivity. Another common side effect would be soft tissue irritation that happens when the whitening solution gets in touch with your gum. One Go Smile review said that a few consumers also experienced vomiting and nausea when they swallowed the solution by mistake.

Pros and Cons of Go Smile


ü  The company offers products for people with different gum sensitivity and whitening needs

ü  The main whitening ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, one of the most effective ingredients for whitening your teeth

ü  The package comes with six ampoules extra you can use on parts of your teeth that are more stained.

ü  According to a Go Smile review, you will achieve the results within a week approximately.

ü  It is a great alternative for people who do not use teeth whitening strips or trays.

ü  It is extremely easy to understand and use and will take only a couple of minutes to apply.

ü  The products can be used on-the-go as well.


û  It is quite expensive, with prices ranging from $36 to $86.

û  Some people have claimed they have not received the significant results they were hoping for as indicated in one Go Smile review.

Is Go Smile A Scam?

Go Smile is definitely not a scam if any one of the online Go Smile review is considered. The company and its products are definitely legit, with sales and customers all over America.

Go Smile Customer Testimonials

One Go Smile review states the products have received mixed reviews online citing compliments like it is an easy application to use, pleasant taste, no sensitivity, dramatic results, etc. Meanwhile, some complaints states products are very painful if applied to the gums by mistake, difficulty using the product, high prices, and minimal or no results.

Prices and Where to buy?

Go Smile products are priced at:

  • Keep Your Smile White: $16-$35
  • On-The-Go Whiteners: $19-$33
  • Classic Whiteners: $89
  • Brush to Whiten: $29-$129
  • Power Whiteners: $89-$144

You can purchase your products directly from the Go Smile’s official website or via third-party retailers like Amazon, ULTA, QVC, etc.

All orders that are above $50 are eligible for free ground shipping, or you will have to pay somewhere between $9 and $40, depending on the shipping speed and number of items, as said in an online Go Smile review.

What Is The Refund Policy for Go Smile?

All the teeth whitening products of Go Smile come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can simply return the remaining product after 30 days for a refund. Your refund will be issued after 30 days of purchase. One Go Smile review also states that the company does not accept products that were not purchased via the official website.

Our Verdict on Go Smile

Go Smile products are extremely simple to use. The results often end with whiter and brighter teeth, leading to a glowing smile. But, the price range of the product may not make it affordable for most of the populace. Therefore, if you are not looking to spend much money on a whitening system, you can opt for something else as well, such as the Active Wow teeth whitening charcoal powder, which is 100% natural and has the purest form of charcoal. This offers effective results and comes at an affordable price.

Go Smile FAQs:

  • Q: What are the ingredients in Go Smile?

According to a Go Smile review, most of Go Smile products primarily use Hyperox technology where hydrogen peroxide releases oxygen ions that whiten your teeth more effectively and efficiently. Go Smile ampoules also uses a special polymer formula to clean your teeth better. All these formulas penetrate your teeth down till the dentin, thereby cleaning your teeth to produce whiter results, as stated in a Go Smile review.

  • Q: What are the side effects of Go Smile?

Some side effects of Go Smile whitening products are gum and teeth sensitivity and recession. The abrasive nature of the products is also not good for the teeth. Soft tissue irritation generally happens when the whitening solution gets in touch with the gums. Accidentally ingesting the solutions can lead to vomiting. Also, you will first need to check out the ingredients of Go Smile products, lest you end up inserting something you are allergic to, as stated in a Go Smile review.

  • Q. How do I know if Go Smile is right for me?

A Go Smile review states that the products are completely safe for a majority of the people. But, if you are pregnant, it is advisable not to make use of the product. The company also discourages use of Go Smile for children below 12 years of age and people with damaged teeth or just had an oral surgery (you can use it after healing completely).

  • Q: Does Go Smile work?

According to many positive reviews online, Go Smile products work absolutely fine. But, it has to be stated that these systems are not 100% foolproof, as stated in one Go Smile review.

  • Q: What is the price of Go Smile?

The prices of Go Smile’s product list are as follows:

1)      Keep Your Smile White: $16-$35

2)      On-The-Go Whiteners: $19-$33

3)      Classic Whiteners: $89

4)      Brush to Whiten: $29-$129

5)      Power Whiteners: $89-$144

  • Q: Where can I buy Go Smile?

A Go Smile review suggests that you can easily buy Go Smile products from their official website or third party shopping portals like Amazon.

  • Q: How should I take Go Smile?

1)      Rinse and floss your teeth.

2)      Squeeze the ampoules so that the applicator top becomes saturated with the serum pointing downwards.

3)      Keep applying the contents of the ampoule and on your teeth till it finishes.

4)      Leave it undisturbed for 20 minutes.

5)      Rinse your mouth with cold water.

  • Q: How do I contact Go Smile customer service?

According to a Go Smile review, you can easily contact the customer care through the phone number or email address listed on the official website.

  • Q: Can I return Go Smile?

If you are not satisfied after using Go Smile systems for 30 days, you can return the remaining product via your most economical shipping method, according to a Go Smile review.

  • Q: What are the most common complaints about Go Smile?

Some of the most common complaints are:

û  Too expensive

û  Did not deliver the expected results

û  Some even went on to say the ‘modern technology’ whitening system is a scam


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