Gloves Allergy


What is allergy?

  • Allergy is a human immune system disorder, which would occur when the immune system of the person react differently from normal toward a harmless ingredient, environment or element.
  • Our body would react differently when the immune system under attack or invade by something that is not welcome in the system. Everyone had built up a different immune system so each individual would react differently to same material/ingredient/elements, due to that it is hard to determine what type of symptom indicate that you had been under attack by an allergy.
  • It is not avoidable that allergy is very deadly as it is affecting human body immune system without any alarm as different person react differently toward the same thing. There is no certain benchmark to be given to glove buyer but at least with the recent year finding, buyer had more knowledge in knowing more.

What is the sign of an allergy?

  • Allergic reaction is distinctive and unique on different individual toward different thing. Individual can be allergic to certain dairy food, environment, chemical contain, venom or even medication. It is hard to conclude what kind of allergic you had in your system unless particular individual had experience or being tested.
  • Distinctive allergic reactions is because of too many stimulation toward certain type of white blood cells known as mast cells and basophils which generate a type of antibody known as Immunoglobulin E (IgE). This reaction results in an inflammatory response which can range from uncomfortable to dangerous.[1]
  • Type of sign of allergy reaction such as hay fever, reddish eye, rashes, burning pain, itchiness, sudden flu,  running nose, eczema, hives or even asthma attack.
Example of gloves allergy

Example of gloves allergy

How many types of allergy against glove are there?

  • Latex allergy
  • Nitrile allergy
  • Powder allergy
  • Donning allergy
Latex allergyNitrile allergyPowder allergyDonning allergy
The allergy reaction toward certain proteins which can be found in the natural rubber which were used to produce latex glove. There are 3 type of latex allergy found that were listed in medical finding:Type IType IVIrritant DermatitisThe chemicals contain in the manufacturing process of nitrile gloves is responsible for this kind of allergies. The chemicals contain used in the process of manufacturing may trigger the allergy toward different individual that had allergy toward chemical.For easy wearing manufacturer would add powder to the last process in the production. Mostly manufacturing use different kind of powder to be added in at last to provide easy wearing for user, the powder may be release into air whenever user wears the glove. The protein residue from the glove thereby might cause the potential for a reaction toward individuals with latex allergiesA process added in order to reduce the tackiness of the glove and also easy removing from the former during production. Most common donning agents use in the production is chlorination and polymer coating. User that had sensitivity toward this material would trigger the allergy within


It is very important to determine what type of glove is suitable to b use in order to perform in the workplace. Every single detail is very important; allergy action toward the glove also can be affecting the performance of the worker. It is necessary to find out more detail and information of the glove.


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