Getting To The Bottom Of Flat Abs


Flat abs does not just happen overnight. It takes some work, some commitment, and to be perfectly honest, the right genes. Not everyone has naturally flat abs, if you were blessed with those flat ab genes, well then you wouldn’t be reading this article right?

What many people believe is that by only doing ab workouts that they are well on their way to flat abs. So, what these people do is focus on the exercises, do hundreds of crunches, and cannot understand why their abs are rock solid and flat like they want them to be. The truth, ok, I’ll give it to you straight. Crunches do not work; they are a waste of time. If you focus on crunches, do not be surprised when you aren’t seeing results.

The truth of the matter is getting flat abs is hard, it is definitely not easy by any means and what is more, some people work, work, and work some more to get those flat abs, but never reach their goal. Why don’t they reach their goal? Well, there could be many reasons. One of those reasons is that many people with the goal of flat abs tend to focus on their abs only and not the entire body. The entire body needs the work and the help, not just the abs.

Once you start focusing more on the entire body and less on the abs, you will start seeing better results than what you have up until that point. There are three things that you need to focus on to obtain flat abs.

First, you need exercise, cardio exercise is crucial. Cardio exercises help your body burn the calories it is storing and keeps you healthy at the same time. Second, you need to focus on strength training. Again, refrain from focusing just on your abs. Treat these muscles just like any other muscle within your body, give the entire body strength training for the best results.

Lastly, diet. Diet is ultimately important; the food you eat will make or break your flat abs goals. You want the diet to be both healthy and low in calories. It is important to remember that reaching your goal of flat abs is not something that is going to be easy, a breeze, or even immediate. It will take work and time. You will have to stick to your exercise and diet routine religiously. You will need to pay a great deal of attention to both and without this attention and dedication; your flat abs goals cannot be reached.

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