Getting the Most Out of Your Heated Motorcycle Clothing


Tourmaster Synergy Electric Heated Vest

Before you make a decision on which heated motorcycle clothing to purchase, measure your chest, waist and inseam to make sure you have the exact sizes ensuring your heated vest, jacket or suit is the perfect fit for you. Apart from affording the most comfort when you are riding, you will not be wasting energy due to incorrect fitting.

From head to toe think about layers. Layers can be removed or added easily as the weather conditions change.  If you purchase a heated vest or heated jacket seriously consider purchasing a heat controller also so that you can regulate the heat for optimum comfort.

Remember that most of the heated clothing will consume a fair amount of energy upwards of 50 watts. Make sure you charge system can cope with the extra load so you don’t end up with a flat battery. During winter, this can be especially important with the increased usage of other heated items, lights and so on.

Always try and position the plug where it is easy to get to and separates easily. Apart from ease of use, you will minimize the risk of causing damage when dismounting should you forget to unplug it.

For general safety, always secure the wiring to a sold part of the motorcycle over and above the battery terminals, again minimizing the risk of damage to your bike or your self.

You may wish to consider purchasing a liner style heated jacket or heated vest. They are more effective for motorcyclists as they can be worn under your normal motorcycle clothing.

When you are considering you overall spend on heated clothing, take into account the smaller but equally effective item such as heated gloves or pants. If you need to spread the cost and the purchase, it will make sense to stay with the same product supplier or at least make sure the items are compatible.

One way you will get the most out of your heated vest or other heated motorcycle clothing is that you will keep warm instead of shivering, you will be able to concentrate on the road and enjoy your biking.


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