Get Warmed Up with Battery Heated Socks


Did you know that the feet are vitally important in contributing an overall comfort level of the body? Perhaps not everyone is aware of how feet can actually provide warmth and comfort to the entire body especially during winter season. Among all parts of the body, the feet are actually the most part that uses a considerable amount of energy to keep and sustain the warmth and the body’s reserved energy.

So to keep cold days endurable and enjoyable even, try out those amazing battery heated socks. There are various types of these heated socks available in the market now. They are certainly essentially and practically useful for everyone.

What are battery-heated socks?
Battery-heated socks are especially designed socks capable to particularly warm up the feet. Since battery-heated clothing are continuously evolving and enhanced, it’s been perceived that all of them would someday be more conveniently thin, light weight, flexible, and perhaps warmer even. Battery-heated socks in particular would by then have mini controllers run by tiny batteries, able to last for hours while providing the precise temperature level for the feet.

Current battery-heated socks are normally equipped with a plug or connection terminal (at the top) and a wiring (woven into the inner weave) that goes all the way down the toe area, wherein a small resistor (inside of the socks) is found. Once plugged in, the initial wire will function from top through the resistor inside the socks and then the current goes back up again via another resistor alongside the first wire to stop the plug. Each sock would have a built-in battery holder.

There are various types of battery heated socks available in the market today. But the most common type of heated socks is with a “D” battery holder located at the top of each sock. On the other hand, there are those with connector cable that allows battery to be rather positioned anywhere on the body.

Unfortunately, “D” batteries for heated socks can often be troublesome in terms of weight and size. Most of these batteries are relatively heavy and bigger that what they’re supposed. So when a “D” battery is positioned at sock cuff, the sock is likely pulled down due to the weight of the battery. Moreover, “D” batteries were found to have limited charge time. Thus, while there are heated socks that can operate and remain heated for up to ten hours, there are those that rather work for a couple of hours only.

There are also some battery-heated socks that use Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery packs or re-chargeable Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion). Both can be worn in a pocket or placed on one’s belt. Often, these types of batteries are desirable to “D” battery-heated socks simply because they are suitably lesser in weight and size. Also, these battery types don’t have limited charge time. However, these types are usually expensive than those commonly used in “D” battery-heated socks.

Furthermore, there are battery-heated socks operated by 3 AA batteries or 4 AA batteries. Specifically, 3 AA battery-heated socks provide less heat, whereas those operated by 4 AA batteries generate the maximum heat temperature level.

Generally, battery-heated socks are all uniquely designed and can provide distinct warmth to the feet. Although all these amazing heated socks are already available in the market, they remain to continue evolving and enhanced to meet everyone’s specific needs and preferences. Thus, there can be no further reason for anyone not avail and benefit from any types of these incredible battery-heated socks.


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