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Lately, George Foreman jumbo grill had gotten on board as a favorite addition to the Foreman’s indoor countertop grills by the consumers. This line of double-sided contact grills is long known for having small and compact sizes, perfect for indoor cooking for individuals and couples.

Perhaps, the only common complaint to be found about direct-contact electric barbecue grillers, is that they lack the cooking area of larger, full-size bbq units. And Jumbo grill is designed to solve that problem – it is marketed towards homes, work or restaurant bars, in which an easy indoor grilling device is needed to operate with the same health benefits as most of George Foreman indoor grills, but is large enough to cook for the entire family or party servings. Essentially, a Jumbo electric grill carries pretty much the same basic features of lean mean, fat reducing grilling, but is larger and more capable in capacity.

Best George Foreman Jumbo Grills for 2012



Buy Jumbo GR36CB
Just Over $50

George Foreman GR36CB Jumbo Size Plus Grill

This grill, at first glance, looks similar to a standard Foreman series. However it is a lot bigger, and has a cooking surface that can sear steaks or make hamburgers amply for a family of four. Consumers have noticed several benefits for the product, such as the nonstick surface which makes cleaning quick and easy by just simple wiping with a plastic kitchen spatula. The double-sided contact plates also heat quickly and evenly – a big plus for fans of electric barbecue grilling over charcoal and gas fuels. The unit also comes with a 227-page cookbook and has a toasting chamber on top, something that is quite innovative as far as George Foreman line is concerned.

Of course, there are drawbacks to this product. Several consumer reviews have pointed out that the grill has no on/off switch, which means a user has to unplug it to turn it off. Also, perhaps more importantly, this electric contact grill does not have a temperature control or indicator, a feature found commonly on many other brands. The grilling surface isn’t removable, either, making cleanup a bit messy sometimes.



Buy Jumbo GR1212
Save Almost $20 in Cost

George Foreman GR1212 Jumbo-Size Electric Nonstick Contact Grill

The GR1212 has similarities to the Jumbo GR36CB grill, and features an ample 144-square inch of cooking area. Plus, the plates are dishwasher safe. One of the biggest pros for this product, as identified by buyers, is the floating hinge that allows thicker grilled steaks, sandwiches or even salmon pieces, than regular units.

As with the GR36CB, the GR1212 Jumbo grill has no temperature control or indicator. Consumers have also reported that these grills put out too much smoke when cooking, something that can be very bothersome indoors and bad for you health.

Common Good and Bad Things Both Jumbo Grills Share

Two top rated George Foreman Jumbo grills reviewed have the same grease removal features that the company is so popular for in the market of healthy indoor grilling and eating. These are thanks to the innovative use of patented scooped and sloped surfaces with nonstick, scratchproof coating, contained on a double-sided, metallic hinged plate design.

The standard drip tray for catching fat and liquid oil that comes in the package, is especially handy and great when you need to cook high fat food such as beef steaks, pork chops or chicken fillets.

You will also find yourself making some good savings on monthly power bills, because the George Foreman Jumbo grill is designed to heat up quickly – within matter of minutes, with even and well controlled heat distribution.

In short, the GR36CB and GR1212 are the large versions of the standard George Foreman indoor grill on the market. Many people appreciate the added cooking capacity with Jumbo series, and enjoy the fact that these electric grills can cook frozen meals a lot faster than when compared to competitor products in the market, like Cusinart, Hamilton Beach or Sanyo models.

However, the lack of digital temperature control and indicator (which are present in the  George Foreman Next Grilleration Grills) are bothersome for many chefs or savvy users, but typically, those who are already George Foreman grill owners appreciate the increase in size and ease of use that comes with big Jumbo units.

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