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In today’s market, George Foreman indoor outdoor grill is one of the best electric grilling machines for many barbecue lovers. These versatile cookers are the developed line of the original indoor grill marketed by former boxer George Foreman, and basically pioneered electric grills for in-home kitchen use.

Now, the indoor outdoor electric grill takes this concept a step further by giving the consumer the capability of taking the benefits of a regular George Foreman cooker outside as well as inside the house.

Below are reviews for two George Foreman indoor outdoor grills: the George Foreman GGR50B and the George Foreman GR10B. Each of these products will be examined for their advantages and disadvantages from the perspective of the consumer, in order to give you a more informed set of options for your next grilling hardware selection.

George Foreman outdoor grills are a relatively new concept, because usually this market is dominated by either propane tank or natural gas barbecue grills. But the Forman lean mean grill has managed to get its way out and favorably accepted by consumers, who love the low fat grilling experience that this brand is so famous for.

George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill


Benefits: voted the best outdoor electric grill, this is a very versatile unit that can be used both as electric patio grill or indoor bbq grill for the cost of just under $70. It has adjustable temperature range designed for both indoors and outdoors use. In addition to standard features, GGR50B has 240 square inches of cooking space, very well enough for decent size servings. Most owners have applauded this product for its versatility and ease of use. Due to its simple design and compact size, the GGR50B can be perfectly used on outdoor pedestal, and the same time on a kitchen counter. It is easy to clean and maintain, and gives even cooking across the surface.

Drawbacks: one complaint regarding the GGR50B is the fact that it is a bit top-heavy when used outdoors on the pedestal. This can be problematic, and requires a bit of caution from the chef. Also, it is not as advanced or well equipped as more commonplace, full-size outdoor grills. It sacrifices advanced features for being a true George Foreman indoor and the same time outdoor grill.

However, indoor grilling is where the George Foreman grilling machine really shines.

George Foreman GR10B 36-Inch Nonstick Countertop Grill


The GR10B is a standard smokeless indoor grill that features a 36-inch surface area with a nonstick coating. It also has the standard sloped and rippled surface with drip tray for catching excess fat and grease. This model is praised for being very affordable and easy to use. It also heats up very quickly, often within one minute, and is one of the few quality yet cheap portable electric grill for just over $20 – making it great for traveling or once off occasions when you don’t want to spend to much money on grilling.

The only consistent complaint against this product is that it is often too small for a couple, and is often suitable only for an individual. Otherwise, it is a very popular and well-liked electric indoor barbeque grill.

Consumer Reviews In Summary

The George Foreman GGR50B and GR10B are almost universally praised for being efficient, inexpensive for home cooking. Most consumers are attracted to their simple, no-frills design, and love the fact that they are among the easiest grills to clean and maintain.

Of course, as noted, consumers point out that these George Foreman indoor outdoor grill models are not as robust as other, larger and/or more developed grills, but the majority of buyers view this as an acceptable tradeoff.

For example, on, both products enjoy a high approval rating and are recommended routinely to buyers interested in the George Foreman lean grilling machine. Results from other popular review websites are the same.

In short, these two George Foreman indoor electric grills are perfect for college students and individuals, especially those who want quick and easy lean mean fat reducing grilling machine with a minimum hassle and fuss, at a low budget price. Just like their similar George Foreman Champ Grill – convenience is the key factor behind the success of these two barbecue products.

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