Genuine Onan Generator Parts Are The Best Choice For Your Genset


When it comes to replacement parts for your Onan Generator, the best choice is to use the parts that come from the manufacturer. There are parts that can be acquired from a multitude of other suppliers but nothing works like genuine Onan generator parts.

Onan is a division of Cummins and has a nationwide distributor network. The parts that are provided by these Cummins/Onan distributors will fit the right way the first time and every time. One of the reasons that you have a generator is to supply power for your needs. The best way to insure that your genset will operate the first time, every time is to use the most dependable parts available. Your Onan dealer supplies these parts.

Onan generators are known worldwide for their reliability. That reliability is what prompts most buyers to select an Onan genset. That same reliability and dependability is built into every replacement part that Onan supplies. Even the simplest thing like a spark plug or oil filter is created and supplied to exact Onan specifications. These specifications are generally not met when generic parts are purchased.

The life and power output of your Onan generator can be significantly enhanced by the use of genuine Onan Green Label parts. The use of these parts insures that the part you have replaced on your genset is exactly the same as the one that you removed. If your genset needs a part and a Cummins/Onan dealer is not nearby, the part can be ordered on line from The Cummins/Onan Parts And Manuals Store.

Reliability, dependability and a constant power output are maintained through the use of Onan Green Label parts. While generic parts may fit your genset, the use of Green Label Parts insures the life and power output of your genset.

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