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Ping pong paddle reviews can be taken around the net, in your local store as well as from fellow players or your coach.With a number of variations around the market for ping pong paddles, it may be worth to research some before buying. It’s a way of making sure a worthy investment comes into play especially when you’re a beginner.

First and foremost for beginners is that paddles must reflect your playing style. So keep playing and figure it out, it will come naturally. It’s may not be easy, but keep practicing with a basic pre-made paddle designed for beginners.

Ping Pong Paddle Reviews Tip #1: The Blade

Ping Pong Paddle Reviews

Ping Pong Paddle Review

Remember that this is a physics game.

  • Heavier blades are slower to swing while lighter ones are faster. But heavier ones command more momentum and can strike the ball with more force.
  • For a start, choose a light and comfortable blade. You can also go with a heavy blade that you can still swing comfortably fast. This way you can still hit the ball with more force while using little effort to swing.
  • Since lighter ones are faster to swing, it will suite offensive players. If you like smashing alot then this is for you.
  • The heavier ones usually have thicker rubbers which increases dwell-time. This is the time the ball spends when in contact with the rubber. This millisecond difference is vital for defensive players. More time means more spin and more effective counter-attacks.

Paddle handles are of personal preference.

This comes into play on how comfortable you are while doing your strokes. On a special note, there are specific handles out there if you want to be specific. Then again this will all depend on how you play and hold the paddle. Generally, flare handles are for those who like forehand strikes, straight ones of backhand as well as for frequent switchers. Some Chinese and Japanese players use the “penhold” style of holding the paddle. If you are using this then you might consider the V-grip handles.

Good ping pong paddle reviews of bladesare to select those whichoffers the most balance between these categories. All in all it would be something that has enough mass for killer strikes but light enough to swing . Pair it with a comfortable handle that suits your style.

Ping Pong Paddle Reviews Tip #2: The Rubber

  • To keep things simple, pick the most basic rubber for beginners. Let yourself develop style of play and to practice fully your strokes. This is vital before moving on with a myriad of rubber and sponge combinations out ping pong paddle
  • Proceeding to the advance stuff earlier will not give any advantage. You might end up messing up your progression. You might not notice any difference and end up using poor technique. Proper progression is key. Keep it simple and start with the basics.
  • Rubbers come in smooth and rough surfaces.
  • Smoother ones are for balance of offense and defense.
  • Rough ones or those with pimples out are good for defense and nifty spins as well as counter-attacks. For starters, go with smooth. You may progress to other variants as you increase your skills.

Ping Pong Paddle Reviews Tip #3: The Price

Although some blades and rubbers are more expensive than others, it doesn’t mean that they are the best. This is probably the last thing that will affect your choice. Just keep in mind the price to performance ratio. Choose something that suits your playing style for a price that suits your budget. Why pay more for something that has features you really don’t need at this time?  Find s good balance between these and the other categories. It also helps making a list taking notes as you canvass for your blade.This helps you single out the essentials by making your own ping pong paddle reviews.

Ping Pong Paddle ReviewsTip#4: Beginner’s Paddles

  • Starter’s blade –a good one to check out is the Primorac Blade from Butterfly. This is pretty much the usual recommendation for beginners. It provides a good balance of weight and grip. It gives you good control and it’s not too fast to mess up your strokes. If it’s locally available, might as well give it a shot since it leaves too little room to go wrong.Good alternatives are the DonicApplegrenAllplay Blade and the Butterfly Timo Boll Blade. Both have similarly good reviews from new players and coaches.custom ping pong paddles
  • Rubbers and sponges – get the pre-made ones wherein you just need to glue it on the blade. Pre made ones are set combinations of sponges and topsheets. Just pick out smooth surfaces at first as it is a good all-around choice.  Once you get better at defense and counterattacks, switch the once side to rougher surfaces. Read about different combinations and find out if it suits your style.
  • As stated before always stick with the one that suits you more. Choose wisely and practice often with your choice paddle. Developing your playing style takes time, so keep that determination going. It’s also a good idea to have more than one so that you will have a spare paddle.
  • Always store your paddles well. If it comes with a special protection sheet for the rubber, much better. If budget permits, get a case, comes in handy if you have two paddles. You can also place spare balls, speedglue and other accessories.
  • Remember to clean your paddles before storing. This keeps the rubber in good shape. You can use special cleaners but water, mild soap and a soft sponge will do just fine. Keeping your paddles in good shape makes your investment worth it.

I hope you enjoyed this general ping pong paddle reviews and don’t forget to share this knowledge with your friends.


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