Generac Watchdog Generator


In the event your home is without power, nothing is better than having the option of a backup generator ready to go. Making sure you are ready for power outages is necessary for many situations. Someone in your home may need to use electrical medical equipment or you might have just filled up your freezer with a lot of frozen foods. Choose the dependable Generac Watchdog generator to make sure your home keeps power.

Running with an OHVI single cylinder or twin engines that are fueled by propane or natural gas, the Generac Watchdog generator is quiet. You may never realize it is running at all. It is pre-mounted to come one automatically when electricity goes off. This is a plus when the power is out due to bad weather.

You will never have to worry about this outer shell of this generator rusting or allowing the inner workings to be destroyed by the elements. The shell is made from strong and durable materials that are resistant to any kind of weather. You will not have to worry about building a special cover for using the Watchdog.

You should also know this generator maintains a self -induced run test every seven days by starting motors. The run lasts for approximately twelve minutes each test run. This is another great feature that will help you out a lot. Many other generators will not run if they have not been started every month or so. Say goodbye to those machines you have to work on before getting power from it.

The transfer switch needed for running this Generac Watchdog generator efficiently and safely comes with purchase. You will also get 30 feet of wiring, composite pad, one foot of flexible fuel line, and a complete installation guide. Everything you need to have your back up power source comes together in one package deal.

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