Generac Portable Generators 4000 watt and 5000 watt


Generac portable generators offer a variety of features for quick and easy use. Generac is a leader in portable generators and dedicated to providing durable and reliable units. They offer a range of wattage to choose from, all with convenience in portability in mind.

The 4000 watt model starts with 6600 watts of power. It has a four gallon fuel tank and can run for 13 hours on one tank. The engine is a Generac OHV 7.8 horsepower. The unit weighs 147 pounds. It features 10” pneumatic wheels that work well in any terrain. It also has a fold down handle that makes it compact. It also features a power surge alternator that allows several items to be started at once. The engine life is extended due to full pressure lubrication that instantly lubricates engine parts. It also has a low oil shut off and automatic idle control. The special muffler system ensures this Generac portable generators model runs quietly.

The 5000 watt model starts with 5000 watts of power and starts with 700 watts. It has a 5 gallon fuel tank that can run for 10 hours. It weighs in at 153 pounds with 8” wheels. It offers safety and protection for the full cradle and circuit breaker to protect from overload. The motor is a Briggs and Stratton OHV engine that has proven to be longer lasting, quieter and more fuel efficient than other models.

These two Generac portable generators are only a sample of the many wattages and styles available. They do, however, prove that Generac is concerned about safe and reliable use. These models operate quietly and efficiently due to extra care in their construction. These portable generators offer strength and security wherever power is needed.

Top Generac Super Quiet Portable Generator
Some of the handy features of this super quiet Generac generator include an electric start that is a breeze to use

Super Quiet Generac Wheelhouse Portable Generator
This makes the Generac brand one of the most popular choices among people that are using their generator as a

Generac Portable Generator Model 1470
Many people purchase this unit simply because it offers a lot of benefits and features that the competition has missed out on

Generac 8000 Watt Portable Generator Model: 5680 Review
The Generac 5680 is a heavy duty device with folding lockable handles, 9.5-inch solid wheels and hardened steel tube cradle

Generac 6500 Watt Portable Generator Model: 5623
Other characteristics include a brushless alternator that produces safe and clean electricity, very close to utility quality

Generac 7000 Watt Portable Generator Model: 5626
This model is different from others in its class since its starting mechanism uses electricity instead of the usual recoil.

Generac 8000 Watt Portable Generator 5681
The engine and generator is constantly protected from inadequate lubrication via the low oil pressure safety shutdown

Generac 7000 Watt 5625 Generator
It has a durable steel gas tank with fuel gauge and offset filler tube to control and reduce spillage

Generac 5000 Watt Portable Generator Model: 5622
Consumer engine warranty is provided for up to 2 years while commercial engine warranty is available up to 1 year

Generac Home Generator Systems XG10000e
Generac home generator systems like model xg10000e are enjoyed by many families. This product provides electricity when there is an emergency situation that affects the home

Generac 4000exl Generator
This generator features a stunning five outlets, making it a perfect choice for the contractor. Multiple devices can be easily hooked up to it and run

5500 Watt Generac Generator
The 5500 watt Generac generator is a very versatile product. It can be used for many different purposes. The majority of customers are extremely happy with their investment

Generac Guardian 7000 EXL Generator For Sale
The Generac Guardian series consists of the most economical and environmentally friendly generators available on the market. They consume less fuel and produce less emissions

15 Kw Generac Portable Generator
Powered by an industrial grade engine, the 15 kw Generac portable generator is very powerful. It is great for use on a very large home or business

10 Kw Generac Guardian Generator
The engine on the 10 kw Generac guardian generator is very high class, making the entire model very dependable and long lasting. The engine has a much longer life expectancy than most other similar models

6250 Generac Generator 5688 GP5000
The 6250 Generac generator model 5688 GP5000 features a fuel tank made from steal with an incorporated gauge. There is fold down handles that lock. It also has an available wheel kit

Generac 3500xl Portable Generator
This Generac 3500xl portable generator features a top of the line industrial grade OHV engine that is built to last for years. It is powerful enough to run several air conditioners

Generac Home Generators Xp Series 8000 Watt
The Generac home generators xp series 8000 watt features a superior engine to that of its competitors which will outlast them three or four times and take less maintenance as well. It uses a patented TruePower technology

Generac Cabin Generator
Never worry about spending too much money on the Generac cabin generator. There are many different models that can be invested in at a very low cost

Generac Generator Ratings
Buying a brand new generator does take a lot of time as well as thought. There are many different factors that go into shopping for one of these products and this guide is surely going to be able to help

Generac Watchdog Generator
Running with an OHVI single cylinder or twin engines that are fueled by propane or natural gas, the Generac Watchdog generator is quiet. You may never realize it is running at all

Prices For Generac Generators
The prices for Generac generators available today range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Generators give the needed electricity when the power goes out or at job sites

Generac s2400 Generator
Using the least amount of fuel for the longest period of time is always a plus when using a generator. This is an added bonus of the Generac s2400 generator

Top Generac Generators Online
The Generac ix1600 portable generator is one of the best Generac generators online to buy on the market today for a number of different reasons

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