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There are a number of factors that must be considered when shopping for Generac portable generators. It is important to know how much power is required and it is not worthwhile to purchase a unit that is portable, but underpowered. Only small cost savings will be realized right away but the frustration will last for the life of the unit.

The portability of the chosen Generac power generator is also important. If it can’t be moved around when the time comes then it will be significantly less useful, like in the case of of buying portable Generac RV generators.

Brand is another crucial factor. That’s when you get a trusted name like Generac you’re much less likely to have problems down the road and when you do you can be a little bit more confident that they will get solved.

Generac has certainly made a name in the industry and offers a very broad selection of portable generators. They have a number of different sized systems for home or recreational use and are known for having long lasting engines.

Best Generac Portable Generator – Small Models

To get something in a smaller model, the Generac iX series is going to be suitable for recreational use. They start with the mini Generac iX800 that provides 800 W of power and this series goes up to models that have 2000 W of power. The real advantage to this small series is that they have a complete housing which will be very quiet – important if they are used at a campground or as a small Generac RV generator.

Higher Power – For Use at Home and Generac RV Generators


For greater power potential, the Generac GP series might be the right choice. Generac GP 1800 is the smallest in this line-up. This is going to be able to run a couple of smaller appliances or power tools quite capably. It’s a quiet generator and is still fairly easy to transport or move around, perfect for recreational vehicles on the road or as back up units at home. The Generac portable generators in the GP series go right up to 17,500 W of power so there’s going to be one that suits every kind of application or family sizes.

The fuel gauge is an important addition that has been provided in the entire GP series of portable generators. For anyone who has tried to figure out how much fuel is left in the generator by opening the fuel cap, this is going to be a welcome addition. Beyond these features, these Generac portable generators also have hollow steel tubing to provide a strong surrounding cage to prevent damage to the unit. It also provides an easy way to transport the unit as handles are built on to the frame and the wheels are held solidly in place.

Another nice addition is the never flat wheels that will mean there should never be a problem getting these portable Generac RV generators around.

Large & Powerful Generac Power Generators

Going up in size, there is the Generac XG portable generator. These are a fair bit larger and the smallest model is the Generac XG4000. At this point they become a little bit less portable but they have the ability to power a substantial jobsite and are often used to power an event like an outdoor wedding. People who are more serious about power generation or who are looking at a possible emergency Generac home generators to backup would be looking at this series.

Before you Buy Be Aware of Few Things

There is much more than simply the kind of power generation that the unit will provide that comes into the decision about whether are not it’s the right product. Something that is crucially important when choosing between Generac diesel, propane or gas powered generators is that if the unit is going to last. They’re not cheap so it is not something that should be replaced very often.

Generac portable generators in the larger sizes have the Generac OHVI engine that will ensure smooth running and long life. It uses the same kind of system that many automobiles do to force oil into engine components so they remain properly lubricated.

Power surges can also be a problem, and most Generac powered generators have circuit breaker protected outlets that will protect delicate circuits. Portable generators are often used to power electronics and if that is the case, this is an important feature to look for. The combination of the great features and the necessary durability makes Generac portable generator an excellent choice for almost any kind of application.

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