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Generac iX2000

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The Generac iX2000 inverter generator comes with a 126cc OHV engine, that can produce a continuous electricity of 2,000 Watts. With a tank capacity of one gallon, Generac iX2000 can continue operating for 4.7 hours at half the load. By filtering the raw power produced by the generator through a special computerzied microprocessor, clean power is available for any big or sensitive electrical devices. Also the digital inverter in the generator converts the raw power into AC power that is ready to use.

The inverting technology helped reducing  both the generator’s weight and size. The Generac iX2000 is specifically designed to be portable and easy to carry, having a durable, light-weight and compact design fitted with comfortable handles. It is good for both traveling long distances and is great for camping, recreational use or even use it as an indoor electrical power source.

A very important aspect of the Generac iX2000, the FlexPower mode focuses on saving fuel and reduce the noise levels. There are 2 power modules, one of them is the High mode and the other one is the Eco-mode. The High mode is good for large loads and recharging batteries, while the Eco-mode is quieter, fuel efficient and does not use as much power therefore resulting in a longer duration. Generac iX2000 is also designed with safety features like overload precaution, shutdown from low oil levels and outlets that are protected by circuit breakers. There are also LED lights that indicate the system status on the control panel.

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Generac iX2000 Features and Specifications

  • Generac iX2000 Dimensions: 22 x 12 x 18 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 62 pounds
  • Product Weight: 49.6 pounds
  • Compact size, durable and light-weight
  • Fully enclosed case for quiet operation.
  • FlexPower provides two modes of operation: High mode and Eco-mode
  • LED Lights on control panel display the unit’s status
  • Safety features protects generator from damage
  • Non-CARB Compliant

Generac iX2000 Inverter Generator Reviews

The Generac iX2000 inverter generator has been blacklisted by a lot of customers. Many of them have expressed their extreme displeasure and dissatisfaction with the generator for various reasons. One of the customers said that on arrival, the chock lever of the generator was found broken. And though Generac was very helpful when contacted for assistance, buyers have vocalized their dislike at being inconvenienced. As of now the issues appear to have been fixed by the company.

Another buyer reported that the unit broke down after just a few days and it doesn’t function described. Also someone stated that his generator entered overload status and then never started again, being completely unreliable. He recommended potential buyers to go for other brands. A reviewer followed the instructions that came with the unit and was subjected to all kinds of different problems.  It started on the third pull, then ran at full speed instead of idling down when the Eco switch was on. More than one reviewer criticized the difficulty in starting the generator.

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The Generac iX2000 inverter generator seems to be lacking in quality and does not perform as underlined in the manual. We recommend you listen to the reviewers and do not even consider a trial purchase.


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