Generac Home Generators Xp Series 8000 Watt


The Generac home generators xp series 8000 watt features a superior engine to that of its competitors which will outlast them three or four times and take less maintenance as well. It uses a patented TruePower technology for clean and easy operation each time and is designed to withstand all the rigors that the outdoors has to offer. The casings are also reinforced to protest against rough handling without damaging the effectiveness of the generator.

But how many watts do you actually need for your requirements. It varies considerably, of course, depending on what you are going to use the home generator for. For outdoor use like a hedge trimmer or edge trimmer, you need approximately 500 watts, but to power a lawnmower would need a lot more power, more in the range of 1200. Carefully consider what you will be using the generator for, before making a purchase. For emergency purposes, which is a primary market for outdoor generators it is a matter of deciding which products are essential when the main power is down.

The Generac Home Generators xp Series 8000 Watt is ideal for outdoor use such as day long events and outdoor job sites. With its 9 gallon fuel tank, it will run for approximately 12 hours. Amongst its many features is a low-oil pressure protection which protects the engine from damage, easily located start/stop fuel shut off switches. For convenience, there is also an external battery charge jack and the maintenance kit is included with purchase.

The cord set on the generator includes 4 outlets for a 20 or 30 Amp fitting. The safety of the generator is assured with dual breakers on 120/240V outlets and GFCI protection, which is Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter which is designed to protect users from electric shock. It also has full CSA (Canadian Standards Association) compliance for added assurance of the quality of manufacture and build.

The Generac Home Generators xp Series 8000 Watt is an easy to use, safe, well made and rugged generator which is bound to last for years and offer solid reliability over inferior models. Generators are not something to take a chance on, so it is worth shopping about to check if the long list of features here, are also on offer with competitive systems. After a short search, it will be clear that Generac Power Systems offer the premium products on the market.

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