Generac Guardian 7000 EXL Generator For Sale


Looking at a Generac Guardian 7000 EXL generator for sale, you’ll be looking at America’s number one home standby generator. In fact, in regards to price versus economy, nothing even comes close. You can have seven thousand watts of power at your disposal whenever needed and, while others in the neighborhood are blacked out you can have movies, popcorn and even a nice warm shower.

When you go with the Guardian, you’re opting for the generator that four out of five families choose. This is a hands-free and automatic backup power supply for your home that responds within just a few seconds of a power outage. Built to last with its special OHVI engine, you can expect it to last two or three times longer than the competitors’ generators.

The Generac Guardian is the easiest to install unit on the market and comes with a preformed installation pad. This eliminates the need to have a concrete pad poured. These units come pre-packaged with a pre-wired transfer switch. They provide a smooth and clean operation of your home appliances and even your sensitive electronic equipment.

The Generac Guardian series consists of the most economical and environmentally friendly generators available on the market. They consume less fuel and produce less emissions. They’re also quieter than other brands and even carry the Good Housekeeping Seal, which is only awarded after extensive testing of a product.

If you find a good deal on a Generac Guardian 7000 EXL Generator for sale you should take it. There is no better unit on the market. It’s powerful, quiet and frugal on fuel. It will provide you with necessary circuit protection for your home while ensuring the most important circuits remain powered up during any outage. This is the most affordable and inexpensive to operate emergency generator on the market today.

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