generac gp6500 generator


For more than forty-five years, one company has stood firm and strong in its commitment of providing the best industrial and commercial backup power systems to millions of companies worldwide: the Generac Power Systems. Since its birth until now, they have heed to the continuous demand of efficient electric power supplies.

One of the company’s leading products in the market is the Generac generator. It is very much unimaginable to be running a business or a household without electric power. Yet power outages are also inevitable. It’s this perennial problem that Generac makes its utmost contribution to the society.

Generac’s broad industrial generators are capable of handling different kinds of applications, in both gaseous fuel and diesel choices.

One main criterion to check in power generators is that they should be designed to exacting requirements. It should be trustworthy; can handle required electrical loads, no matter how heavy; and, most of all, safe to use.

The alternator and the engine are the very core of every Generac generator. For their primary movers, they have carefully selected nothing but only the best engine designs that can be found all over the world that are suitable to generating electrical power. With their engineering expertise, firsthand and unparalleled knowledge, and dedication, their engineers have modified them to fit Generac’s and consumers’ specifications. Beginning with every long block engine, they have added cooling, fuel delivery, and exhaust systems, all carrying the Generac trademark of top-quality standard and durability. About 98 percent of their alternators, depending on their sizes, carry Generac-manufactured stators and rotors. To take precautionary measures one step further, almost all Generac products are UL (Underwriters Laboratories) listed.

All their gaseous and diesel units have these following standard features:

  • Generac-manufactured alternator. Under 400 kW, their stators and rotors are all wound up to definitely ensure its quality.
  • Solid-state starting and sensing controls. This control system is well proven to assure durability and reliability of the backup power system.
  • Shutdown protection system. Different sound and light alarms are fully backed up by an automatic system that halts the generator for any safety or mechanical reason.
  • Factory warranted custom packaging. All Generac generator enclosures are all durable and in powder paint finish, something not definitely done by other manufacturers.
  • Permanent magnet excitation. This provides more excellent response time and optimum performance for UPS loads.

Generac’s residential backup power systems are installed outside your home, but both the automatic transfer switch and the generator are connected to your utility service. This means that whenever there is power outage, the system automatically gives electrical power to your preselected circuits.

The 7, 10, 13, and 16 kW products are considered to be one of the best-valued models of the industry. The latest (16 kW) comes with the quiet-test feature, which makes it neighborhood friendly since it produces the least amount of noise.

Larger houses or smaller commercial enterprises can check out their QT series with 20-150 kW output. They are known for their revenue-protection benefits.


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