Generac 70432 Standby Generator



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Generac 5875 Model

Whenever the electricity goes out from different reasons like ice storms, hurricanes or other natural disasters which cause power blackouts, this standby generator is there to protect your home and eliminate the difficulties of operating with a fuse box in a dark basement or going outside where the weather is unleashing, to start a portable generator.

Following liquid propane or natural gas and electrical power links completion, the Generac Model 5875 is prepared to operate 24/7 and doesn’t demand any manual procedure, no fueling, and no extension wires like potrable generators do.

This generator enters in its rightful functioning state in just a few seconds after the power blackouts, therefore inconveniences such as heating, air cooling, broken pipes or ruined food are prevented.

This generator comes pre-wired and prepared with the required installation equipment:

  • 200-Amp service entrance automatic transfer switch
  • an outdoor connection box
  • a flexible fuel line connector
  • a composite mounting pad
  • instruction manual

This pre-packaged system is an economical selection for zones not implementing the NEC 2008 code changes. Supplemental items and tools may be required to accomplish the installation in order to satisfy local codes. Because of this, you should consult a licensed professional for additional guidance. Also to be sure 20,000 Watts are enough for your needs, consult a local professional but, always ask for a second opinion to be sure he isn’t trying to make you buy a more powerful standby generator than you actually need which is also more expensive.


  • high price
  • it requires a professional installation – like any other standby generator – increasing the total cost
  • it may need additional items and tools to complete the installation in order to comply with local codes
  • it requires access to resource of liquid propane or natural gas

But all in all, when the situations really call for having a standby generator, Generac Model 5875 is the best choice for home use. It is a trully reliable model and the investment in obtaining it is well made.

This generator can be programmed to execute a once a week exercise at a chosen time, to maintain it for constant and dependable operation when needed. For comfort, it also provides clear, electronic controls, an at-a-glance status indicator, and an external GFCI outlet to accomodate your outdoor energy demands.

Due to Generac’s exclusive True Power Technology feature, Generac Model 5875 supplies continuous energy, so sensitive electronics and microchip devices such as notebooks, heating and air conditioning equipment can run safely and thanks to Quiet-Test technology, it is also neighborhood-friendly.

The aluminum enclosure offers superior corrosion resistance, the paint lasts onto the metal surface for a long time allowing the unit to remain outside the house and endure severe weather circumstances.

The generator features the 999cc Generac OHVI® Engine, an exclusive air-cooled generator engine with a high-performance design that can support significant electrical loads. The engine optimizes power to respond rapidly to changing conditions and it only requires routine maintenance once every two years, or after 200 hours of use.

The product model dimensions are:

  • 48 x 25 x 29 inches
  • 451 pounds


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