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Generac was founded in 1959 and produces the largest variety of power systems in the industry such as portable, RV, residential, commercial and industrial generators. Generac standby generators protect your life standard by providing quality, affordable power solutions.
From daily personal needs such as heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and lighting, to day-to-day essentials like cooking, laundry or communication. Electrical power black outs are happening more frequently than previously and enduring for a longer time with disastrous consequences.This fact has put a new focus on Generac power generators due to their capability to substitute regular residence electrical power to maintain necessary home appliances and additional electrical equipment working.
Generac manufactured the first ever serie of generators reasonably priced for small and medium sized companies and they sell far more residence power generators than all of their competitors put together. All this makes it difficult to switch to any brand apart from Generac for standby generators. Their offer is so diverse that they manage to cover any demand, from businesses, recreational vehicles, homes, to even people who work on generators providing parts. No matter what asking, Generac can answer with one of their products.
In my opinion, purchasing a Generac home system is the best choice to be made by any home owner in order to prevent problems caused by power outages.

In case the electrical power ever goes out, Generac 5875 standby generator goes on automatically in order to never feel powerless. Stand up to unforeseen weather conditions and unexpected black outs utilizing probably the most trustworthy brand in residential standby power systems.
Encounter automatic safeguard from power loss with the Generac Model 5875 at 20,000 Watt Air-Cooled Propane/Natural Gas Powered Automatic Standby Generator with Aluminum Enclosure. Perfect for residence usage, this generator powers up instantly and just in a few moments of a electricity blackout not requiring manual startup. Devoid of any control keys to press or cables to connect, an intelligent power system starts up on it’s own when you’re away from home too. It is easy to install, it arrives pre-wired and packed with all is required to link to your home’s electrical system and existing LP or natural gas fuel supply, so you can be protected the next time the lights go out.


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