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Generac 6000 LP3250 3,750 Watt 212cc OHV –  Propane Gas Generators With Tank Holder

The Generac 6000 LP3250 Propane Gas Generators boast a very easy-to-move and transport design for the true trekker and camping enthusiast. It sports a powerful 212cc OHV engine with a reliable 3,250 watt supply for all your electronics and other electric appliances.

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A highlight of this the propane gas generators is the use of liquid propane tanks that are environmentally friendlier than gasoline powered counterparts. It also has smartly covered outlets that are kept protected from rain, snow and other elements. It garnered a decent 3.4 out of 5 stars from Amazon reviewers and customers, which means that it manages to pull off most things right but fails to innovate or impress.
Negative Reviews of the Generac 6000 Propane Gas Generators

The Generac 6000 LP3250 Propane Gas Generators are a pretty good product which is tainted by some negatives that prove to be quite an inconvenience for many of the reviewers in Amazon. These negatives, while not totally ruining the experience, can be quite cumbersome for most.

First of all, the instructions require you to keep the generator running for half-an-hour every week. This may be a problem for those looking for a generator for emergency situations only. With this, you’ll also be forced to use up a propane tank and replace it every 4 months or so – quite an expense if you ask us.

The manufacturers also recommend adjusting the valve clearance after 2 days and then for every subsequent 300 hours. However, this isn’t provided clearly in detail with the manual. It is further suggested that you should go to the nearest service center for help, which, according to the reviewers, is an inconvenience.

To change the spark plug or do the valve clearance adjusting, you will also have to dismantle the housing – a product of bad design.

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Positive Reviews of Generac 6000 Propane Gas Generators

Despite the aforementioned, there is a lot to the Generac 6000 LP3250 Propane Gas Generators that can truly impress. According to most of the reviewers, assembly was relatively easy – you can even do it yourself.

The Generac Propane Gas Generators are also very well built and very sturdy. This thing could withstand much punishment but still manages to look good, compared to other generators.

It also has a wealth of outlets that you can use for your electronics and other appliances. The powerful motor also ensures that you can run these devices with ease and peace of mind. Of course, you can’t discount the fact that it uses liquid propane instead of gasoline – a truly environmentally friendly choice.

Reviewers also add that, despite the absence of an electric start, the manual pull start was easy and the unit starts almost instantly after one or two pulls.

Conclusion Results for the Generac Propane Gas Generators

If you’re serious about your outdoor trekking, you should definitely check out the Generac 6000 LP3250 Propane Gas Generators. Despite its regular maintenance requirements, it will truly deliver and give you electricity when you are in dire need of it. Recommended for those who regularly spend their time outdoors.

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